1 year Older and No Wiser!

Here I am 1 year older since my last my blog post and probably no wiser!

The following year is probably the most important one for a very long time, i’ve set myself a series of relativly hard targets and before the 1st of July next year I hope to achieve them.

I’ve always found theres a tricky balance between choosing a target that’s too difficult and ones that just hard enough but achieveable.

I know i’ve mentioned it lots of times but targets need to be realistic, setting the target of $10,000 a month when you haven’t earned a cent online is counter productive. set your first target at $10  then $100 then achieve the next $100 quicker that the first. I constantly find that the Forum members who set realistic targets go on to achieve much higher targets than they set while the people who are unrealistic usually give up.

In addition to setting my targets I’ve organized 2 live events where I’ll be coaching people about how to move away from commission based income (clickbank affiliate, adsense, Cpa etc).

This is designed for people who want to become full time internet marketers so it won’t suit everyone.

I’ve been working on the concept for quite a while and I’ve called the program beyond commission, I’ll reveal more about it later in the year. Until then if you’d like to know more about the seminars I am running go to.


http://beyondcommissionlive.com/uk-nottingham/ for the Uk event  (which I believe is sold out but we may have 1 or 2 places appear in the next day or two)

This is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. 2 days of training covering topics such as Mindset, Product Creation, List building, how to be productive plus networking events in the evening where you get to talk to your fellow marketers and share ideas. Basically It’s a boot camp for people who want at some point to be a full time internet marketer.

The places are very limited 25 people at both venues and the costs are £90 for nottingham and currently $97 for the US event. (they be considerably higher for any further events!)

Finally just to prove that there are many ways to skin a cat, my friend paul Forcey posted a link to a Video from Mark Ling (the founder of Afilorama) It’s a 5 step affiliate method that looks pretty interesting. You can view it at Affilorama

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