Mathematical Principles, David Copperfield And Product Evaluation

By Mark / November 11, 2007

When I was at school I was terrible at maths, I was fine with the basic stuff but when it came to quadratic functions, sine and cosines I was completely lost. Quite ironic when you think that I later went on to work in one of the worlds biggest banks. Before I lose you I’d better explain that all this talk of mathematics, and magicians was brought on by the recent launch of affiliate elite.

I am sure that Affiliate Elite is a good product and that people will get value from it having said that, I won’t be buying it. The reason I won’t be buying it that experience has told me that any product that is promoted by lots of people and that comes with a veritable truck load of bonus’s won’t be all it’s hyped up to be.

This is where my first mathematical principle comes in, The value of a product is inversely proportional to the amount of hype . Therefore if a product is valued at $149 and I get 10 emails from different people then to me it’s only worth $14.90 which is not good value. I am sure that someone better at math than me could create a really cool formula out of this. So far this has never let me down. The 4 products that I feel are the best products I’ve used this year have not been hyped or promoted by anyone apart from the owners. Each has proved to be excellent value. The 4 worse were all hyped to the eyeballs buy every guru and their dog.

Ok so thats the Maths out of the way now what about David Copperfield. Once again this is related to Affiliate Elite. The thing that makes David Copperfield or any magician so great is that they can distract your attention and make you think that you’ve seen something amazing when infact you’ve just seen a sleight of hand. If you saw the Videos for affiliate elite you’ll have seen that it can conjour up lists of affiliates out of think air. Ohhh ..Gaaasssssp.. the crowd go wild …what a great tool. Sorry guys it’s just smoke and mirrors you can find these details by searching for the hoplink in google and then grabbing the whois info using a firefox plugin.

Ok so affiliate elite will find them quicker but is that worth $149 and $39 per month..funny how so little was mentioned about the monthly fees. These fees are said to cover many updates do you want for $468 per year? There have been 1500 copies sold according to Brad and Matt Callen and there are only a “few” copies left. Really? Is there a problem at the manufacturing plant? Are the builders on strike.? The forum only shows 333 members I can understand not everyone signing up but only about 20% that seems a very low number.

Give it a month and then ask the people who bought it if they are still using it. I would think that of the 1500 there will be less than 150 using it on a regular basis, Thats just the nature of the Internet Marketing Niche. People buy a tool , use it for a bit then move onto the next big thing. Last months must have tool the just sits on your hard drive as a digital dust catcher.

I bet your mother taught you that before you cross the road, Look once , look twice, then look again well the next time you go to buy a product, Think Once, Think Twice Then Think Again.

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James - DigitalKeyToInfo

I like your “maths.” I am getting off more and more email lists lately.



Yes, I know what you mean. I keep resisting the sell successfully.
The more they hype products, the more I figure the products must *need* hyping 🙁


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