Warning…This Not For Everyone.

By Mark / July 30, 2010

About 6 weeks ago I made a post about The Myth of List building (I’ll add the link to the bottom of the page) now considering I think that list building is in 80% of cases a complete waste of time I expected that most people would ignore the post and just treat it as the rantings of a lunatic… (the one that always sits next to you on a bus…except I had a 2.5 hour flight with one last month!!)

Surprisingly it got more comments than almost any other post I made. Many of them had to do with the amazing content my friend Andre gave away on one of his sites.. Thats real friend as in “here have another beer” not as in “Skype me I have an offer for your subscribers” type of friend!

So anyway we pretty much decided in that post and the comments that a targetted list no matter how small where you build a relationship with your subscribers is much much better than one of these massive lists the guru’s build.

Anyway next week Andre has a superb product coming out (don’t go Yet!! I’ve got something Important for you) that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, i.e it’s not rehashed from what others maketers have said, it’s unique, More importantly It’s delivered in a way so that you’ll actually use it and take action…How do I know?  Because I am a week ahead of you… And I am hooked.

The Bad news is you can’t actually get it yet but the reason I am telling you this is that there is a free report on the sales page which could change the way you think about building lists and email marketing…

Autoresponder Madness

Grab that free report study it over the weekend and see if you think that email marketing by building relationships is something that you should add to you business. If it is head back to that page on Tuesday…you won’t be disapointed.

Here is the link to the first post I mentioned.


Normal servie will be resumed next week!!

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Paul Forcey

Andre has always known his stuff and I imagine this is going to be a cracker..

Just reading the free report now, in fact I think I shall print it out and put it in the loo where all my best thinking and reading is done!

Cheers for the heads up



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