Is Adsense Back on the Menu?

By Mark / November 17, 2007

My grandmother always used to tell me that there was more that one way to skin a cat, although I am not convinced that she had ever actually skinned any! However the same can be said with Adsense there is more than one way to make an AdSense income.

In the past few days adsense have changed the clickable area of the ads, you’ll now find that just the title and the url are clickable and the background and description aren’t. This will have an affect on your CTR if you have your ads blended into your site as you’ll get far fewer accidental clicks. On the other hand this might mean that more advertisers will feel that the content network is now a better place to advertise. I am sure that this is what Google are thinking and that over the next few months the revenue from ads will go up.

Ask yourself this question. If you want to make $100 a day from AdSense how would you do it?

There are a few methods you could try. You could go for 10 sites and and spend most of your time promoting them adding content and trying to build up your income to an average of $10 per site. You could build 100 sites and hope to male $1 a day on average from each of them or you could build 1000 and hope to get 10cents a day on average.

There are pro’s and cons to all these methods and some of them have more pros than cons. Lets look at them more closely and see which will be the best.

The 1000 site method is obviously going to cost you a lot of money in server fees and domain registration. You will need to set up an automated method of promoting the sites and your domains won’t stay in google for very long BUT you will still get traffic from Yahoo and MSN. I have actually used this method in nthe past and created 200 domains with 5 subdomains and loads of pages. The whole process was automated and I could create and promote hundreds of sites an hour. This methods actually earned me almost $5000 per month 18 months ago. The downside is I hated it. There was no way to easily administrate these sites and every month I was wondering if google were actually going to send me my payment or cancel my account . I let all these domains expire as they started to lose traffic and die a natural death.

The 100 site method is probably viable if you prepare well although you will still need some automation to do the promotion, once again due to the number of sites you’ll have a bit of an administration nightmare and you’ll probably find that much of your income will come from Yahoo and MSN. You’ll have to compromise on quality a bit as proparing unique content for this many sites will be a problem.

Finally the 10 site method. This is the method I have now started using and it is starting to pay dividends. I create 5 -10 page sites with unique content and no adverts on them. The keywords are carefully chosen to have a decent number of searches but not much competition. I also make sure that there are a lot of advertisers for the niche. All this research can be done using free tools if necessary , Google External keywords tool and Wordtracker Gtrend tool. Although personally I use Micro Niche Finder. One thing I also do is concentrate on creating a Domain name that is valuable.

Once a site is built I can then take time promoting it Via article marketing and Web 2.0. Once it has decent traffic and only then do I start to add adsense. I find that I now get lot’s of traffic from Google and Article sites and Yahoo and MSN are in the minority. This method does take time but think If you started doing this now and added just 1 site every 2 weeks and focused on them until they made you $10 a day then be this time next year you would be looking at a seriously food income.These sites also have great value should you want to flip them. You are not just creating an adsense site but a valuable piece of Virtual Real Estate.

In a Years time you’d be looking at a set of sites worth many thousands of dollars. Don’t get me wrong here it can be hard work getting a site to $10 a day if you choose the wrong niche but if you get the right one and limit the ads on the page so that you get only the highest value ads showing then you can do it with 10 clicks or less.

A lot of people will say that you’ll earn more money by doing affilaite marketing or selling clickbank products (my clickbank Income per thousand clicks is almost 20 times more than adsense) but they do overlook the resale value of a good Adsesne site. If you have a site that earns you $300 per month every month you not only have that income but the potential of selling that for $2000-$3000 Plus you ahve the option of making money from links.

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Money Masher

I agree with a lot of what you are saying here but with all the changes recently happening with Adsense, I think I might have to start looking elsewhere for cash. Good advice though.


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