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By Mark / August 2, 2010

A new departure for the blog today , we have our first ever guest Blog post.

Todays Guest Blogger Is Garry Booton from Garry also works as a traffic testing analyst for the Cambridge Business Academy which allows him to test out all the traffic products and traffic generation methods. This gives him a real insight into what works and what doesn’t.

On with the post…

Back links to your web site or blog are crucial if you want to make your way on to the first page of Google. In fact you may find it impossible to get on the first page without back links pointing to your site.

There are various ways you can get back links such as, arranging reciprocal links with other site owners, you may have even paid someone to place your link on their high ranked website, or possibly you get back links by blog commenting.

In the past when you comment on someone else’s blog post you would earn yourself one back link pointing to your site. So to get 100 back links you would need to find 100 blogs that will accept blog comments. Now however this has changed and I want to share with you a fantastic way of getting 100’s and sometimes 1000’s of back links for just a few minutes work.

This has been made possible by a plug in called “Top Commentators” this allows blog owners to keep a record of how many comments each individual person makes on their posts. The plug in creates a list on each page of your site giving the names of the people that have posted the most comments.

Top commentators is a  great plug in to encourage people to make posts on your blog, as you could for instance run a monthly competition and give a prize to the person with the most comments.

So how does this help you to get hundreds of easy back links?

Well if you recall, the top commentators list is on every page of the blog owner’s site.

Now most sites will have possibly hundreds of pages that make up the site. If a blog has been running for 3 or 4 years, this could mean that it has thousands of pages making up the site.

If your blog post total is on the top commentators list, it is on there as a link back to your own site. Therefore if the site you posted your comment on has a thousand pages, you will get a thousand back links pointing to your site.

So how do you find the sites with the “Top Commentators” plug in installed?

All you have to do is type

inurl:blog “top commentators”

in to Google and press enter.

This will return all the sites that have the plug in installed on their site. All you do is go to each site and look for the list of people that have made the most comments. To get all your links you need to make enough comments to stay on this list long enough for Google to crawl the site.

So if the top poster has made ten comments it will not take you long to find 10 posts to also comment on. This will give you matching top rating and once your comment has been accepted by the sites owner or moderator it will appear on the top commentators list.

Once you have posted enough posts to get you on the list for that specific site. You will need to keep checking back to the site until your comment is posted live on the site. What you can do then, is take the URL of the page one of your comments appears on, and put the URL into pingomatic and ping the search engines. This will get the page crawled over by Google, which in turn will get your back links registered.

If you come across a blog where you would need to post 50+ comments to get on the top commentators list, it may be worth checking back throughout the month as there is a good chance the blog owner may have the list set to return to zero again at the start of each month.

You can find a video explaining this procedure in more detail by clicking the link below

Quick link building strategy

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