Are You Streamlined?

By Mark / November 22, 2007

Are your systems and processes streamlined? Are you Proactive or Reactive.?

How long does it take you to react news and take advantage of various situations. For example if I said to you now :

“I have just released a batch of Blue Ice Widgets and they are going to be this seasons best selling gift. ”

How long would it take you to create a page and get that page indexed?

If you had a static website I suspect it would take  2 to 3 days to get it indexed and start to make money from Ice blue widgets, if you had a blog you could be making money in a few hours time.

I have a series of static sites that sell products, at the same time I also have a set of blogs on different domains that reflect those sites and sell the same things. This might seem like duplication to some people but it does make complete sense. Last night demonstrated exactly why you should consider this set up.

I received  a press release from one of the companies whose products I sell telling me that they had been featured on Oprah’s Favorite things. They also announced in that press release that they were releasing a similar product early.

I immediately added 2 pages to my static site about these 2 products complete with links to the sales page. I next added 2 blog entries to my blog. The whole process probably took 30 minutes from receiving the PR release to having both sites updated.

This morning about 13 hours after making the blog posts I noticed that over night I had earned over $50 in sales commission and had 40 people find my product blog via the 2 product names. Sure enough after checking google I find I am ranked 1st and 2nd for the product names, Ahead of the manufacturer.

By this evening by using the methods in the free traffic e-book I released (you’ll find it  on my oct 13th post) I  fully expect to have at least 4 of the top 10 rankings in google for each product.

Try to build your systems so that they are easy to update and consider  duplicating your sites.  My blogs make money primarily through Adsense while my static sites earn through product sales. Both sites rank high in google for various keywords and it’s not rare to make $8-$10 in adsense from the Blog each day and $15-$30 in sales from the static site.

The other thing you should ensure is that you read each press release as soon as you get it.

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Sounds like your very fast to react and get things done…sometimes I take a bit to get going “like an old car” but after that I’m usually focused till things get done.



Hi Mark,

I really appreciate the information you’ve provided in this article. I originally came across this article in Anik Signal’s newsletter a month ago and today came across your blog from one of your affiliates from another blog.

It’s amazing how our thoughts and the law of attraction works. After reading your article about Web 2.0, I walked away with a much clearer understanding of the big picture as it relates to Web 2.0. I even printed your article for offline review because it is extremely thourough.

Interestingly, I also wanted to read more about the author and wondered if he had a blog. I visited your income academy site but I didn’t find a blog and was a little confused about how your membership site actually worked.

Nevertheless, when the student is ready the teacher appears. Here I am again today reading this article as the result of blog signature comment from the blogosphere on an unrelated blog.

Thank you so much for making web 2.0, a rather complicated, mysterious subject matter, easy and simple to follow.



Hi Jen,

Glad you found the blog at last. It’s Funny I just re-read the post and as a result of the post I talk about above I made over $15,000 in 40 days.

I suppose it proves that being streamlined can really pay off!


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