The Emperors New Clothes

By Mark / August 22, 2010

I am sure you know the story of the emperors new clothes (if you dont’ you’ll find the details on wikipedia’s_New_Clothes)

Everytime I see one of these new style “4 videos, leave a comment below” product launches I can’t help but think of this story.

You see the thing about these launches is as soon as you see the first video you know the product is going to cost $1997. At that price point the vendor basicaly gets $1000 and the Affiliate gets $1000.

I have no problems whatsoever with affiliates making money what i do object to is affiliates promoting a product without ever having seen it.

However that isn’t the worst problem with these types of launches…The big problem is that the products don’t really teach anything new. It’s just rehased products with a fancy new set of clothes. Worst of all is the fact that the people who create them don’t care about the people who buy them.

The whole product is just aimed at generating income and cash for the vendor and affilaites

What most people don’t realize is that there are huge prizes available to the affiliate who sell the most number of copies…

Below is the list of the top 10 prizes from a recent launch

1) $100,000 cash
2) $50,000 cash
3) $25,000 cash
4) $12,500 cash
5) $6,250 cash
6) 17″ MacBook Pro
7) 15″ MacBook Pro
8 ) MacBook Air
9 ) 13″ MacBook Pro
10) iPad 64GB+3G

Do you really think that anyone who promoted the product, and it’s the same people promoting every time, really took anytime to think about whether the product was a good deal for their lists?

I seriously doubt it…

You don’t need to support these guys, if you get an email promoting one of these products unsubscribe from the list, if everyone did that we’d soon get some sanity back into the IM market and some products worth the money being charged for them.

Finally before I get back to work… there are only 7 places available for the october seminar in Las vegas. If you want to know how to create and promote products that actually have value come along.

You can see details at . Come along it could be the best decision you’ve every made….or you could save the money for the next crap product launch!!

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Rich Russell

With a physical product, there is a cost for raw materials and production plus a profit margin for each unit produced. For a downloadable or online information product, there is a one off cost, (possibly not very much), no matter how many units are sold.

Therefore, the information product has absolutely no intrinsic value. It is the job of the vendor to create a perception of value. In reality, the value comes from the way the buyer applies the knowledge gained.

The only difference between a $1997 product and a $197 product is usually $1800. It has been my experience that the people who have something worthwhile to say and genuinely want to help people are not the ones charging these outrageous prices.



medical assistant

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!


elsa | online income profits

I have no problem at all with this type of promotion & product.

I’ve seen many people bought a $2000 product (from a well-known
internet marketter) and make $4000, so it is worth buying.

There are always pros and cons.


elsa | online income profits

Oh, I mean $4000 or more not just one time, but over and over again…lol


Leo Dimilo

Well, “rehashed” really depends on where you are at, at the moment, right? As long as there are people willing to spend the money on these products, there will be a market for it. And given the fact that the affiliate fees are so high, even low conversion rates will pay a marketer a month’s wages with just a couple mailings.

Still, what most folks don’t understand is that once you figure out how businesses operate offline in terms of marketing (online is just a different ad medium), you typically can easily convert it to online sales.

Outside of the direct mail marketing world which actually teach hard-core advertisement techniques, all the other stuff is just about discovering and exploiting online ad-mediums and usually won’t justify the cost of the product.

But once again, as long as there are people willing to buy, there will be a market for it….


Leslie Personeus

I totally agree with Mark’s comments on this subject. I just watched one go on line and I must have been on about 4 e-mail lists at the time – only one of which I would have expected this from. I opted out of every one of them. I’ve tried a few, way back, and I’m tired of having to demand refunds on rehashed products and/or “secret” systems or whatever. I have refused to even promote any IM stuff to anyone I know or lists I have because of the amount of junk out there. ’nuff said from me!


Doug Champigny

While I agree about affiliates promoting products they haven’t actually seen, Mark, I have to wonder what criteria you use when commenting on ‘rehashed’ materials. Those of us who’ve been at this full-time since the mid-nineties have released e-books and/or videos on just about every end of the business, from list-building and video marketing to blogging and social media marketing – does that mean you shouldn’t cover these topics today giving it your own spin? Or you should avoid discussing these topics until you come up with a system no one else is using?

IMHO, as long as the materials presented are accurate, provide true value to the customer and over-deliver on every promise made or inferred by the salesletter, the onus is on the customer to decide if this is a product that will help them at their current level or not.




A prime example of rehashed products is traffic siphon released this week, it was actually released 6 months ago by someone else, someone bought the rights, made a salespage added graphics and backend upsell system and released it. Nothing new was added and to read the salespage you’d think these guys were using this system to generate them income ..they aren’t


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