The Busiest Week of my Life!!

By Mark / August 28, 2010

Actually is was more 10 days and looks to stretch into next week. it was so busy that I am writing this at 1 am on Sunday morning when any self respecting Internet Marketer should be partying with z list celebrities and footballers wives.

So why was my week so busy? Well I decided to do a major update of the WordPress Goldmine front end. Sales Pages are so 2009! So I’ve created a new blog style front end and added features like a weekly round up video and relevant articles. Got some more ideas but they can wait a while until I finish off the other projects I am working on.

Another project I completed last week was something I have had in my mind to do for a few months but never got around to it finally I decided to just work as many hours as I could last week on it and get it live. Thanks to clickbank who approved it in 18 hours , a veritable record, it used to take a week Video Creation Mastery went live last week.

The idea behind the course is simple,  I make most of my affiliate income from short videos that either demonstrate how products work or do reviews of products. I drive traffic to some of my sites by creating videos and linking from them.  I get top page rankings in Google by creating short videos.  see the common thread there… Videos work.

I’ve had 5 minute videos earn me $5000 in the space of a weekend and one video and 4 page report has generated about $500 on average every month since September 2007 (Over $18000 in total) and none of them actually did any selling they just showed a solution to a problem and demonstrated that the product could provide the solution.

So the course is all about how to create simple sales videos that sell, but we also look at advanced techniques like green screen video.  The unique selling point of the site at the moment is that you can get lifetime membership for  a one time payment and  videos are constantly added and updated every week . Obviously when there are 50-100 videos in there it will be converted to a subscription style site. At present there are 20 or so videos, articles and interviews that should be up to 30 next week when the latest ones are uploaded.

As if that wasn’t enough It was suggested that I could create an affiliate training course and teach people how to promote Clickbank products … Good idea , like I don’t have enough work to do 🙂

So I spent today designing a 7 day course that will teach you how to sell products of all types but in particular Clickbank and Amazon products. This is going live on Monday and will run for the next 7 days.  Each days videos will be between 10 and 20 minutes and will cover specific subjects.

If you’d like to take part please sign up at; there should be a signup form at the top of the page. (if it doesn’t appear then just refresh the page)  All I ask is that if you take the course and find it useful you consider promoting

Roll on normality…..but it is a bit boring compared to a week like the one I had 🙂

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