Be Careful Who You Trust!

By Mark / December 8, 2007

If you are new to the business of making money online you’ll probably be looking for help and advice from a number of sources. You have your big name gurus who love to promote products on a regular basis. Unfortunately you’ll soon learn that just like supermodels who won’t get out of bed for less that $5000 these guys don’t get out of bed for less a big chunk of commission.

There are some good so called guru’s and many that started out with a genuine desire to help but that soon goes by the wayside once they get a taste of a big chunk of cash.

So maybe you should find a review site who will tell you whats what and guide you the right direction. Hey how about a site that claims the following..

“Our mission was two-fold – to make things just a little bit harder for all of the scammers out there, and to help recognize legitimate work from home and related products that really do help people.”

” Unfortunately there will always be scams online, but together we firmly believe that we really can make a difference and help to “clean up” the online work at home industry.”

Hey that sounds good doesn’t it.. so lets check them out. The site is and I deliberately haven’t linked to them and you’ll soon see why.

Have a quick look at the site and you’ll see that they allow you to rate lots of products and the site has had a lot of traffic… or has it?? The first thing you should do is check how old the site is By using a site like you’ll soon see that the site was registered at the end of June 2007 so at this point it’s less that 6 months old.

Thats a lot of reviews for a 6 months old site!

Lets look at some other strange things on the site..

Check the alexa ranking. That doesn’t tie in with the number of claimed visitors either.

Duvet Dollars one of the worst ever e-books has a a ranking of B+ Very strange.

A horse racing e-book has had over 11,000 reviews looking at it’s clickbank stats i’s be surprised if it’s sold 200 copies..

I haven’t checked all the ratings but it looks like the higher the price a product is the higher the ranking.

Try to read any of the reviews and you get this message:

8/17/2007 Update: – The database that holds all of our user reviews has crashed, and we are still working hard to restore the database from our backups. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Damn that unfortunate isn’t it ..or maybe very convenient!

I could go on a bit more but it is blatantly obvious that this so called “watchdog” is nothing but the worst kind of scam site. If you take anything from this post please learn to check out the motives behind any site that provides reviews and sets themselves up as a review site.

What Can You Do? 

The site has a contact form , why not tell them what you think of them. If you have a blog then make a post about them …SPREAD THE WORD and lets try to rid the internet of scum like this 1 site at a time.

Please be careful who you trust.

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SEO Consultant

I believed that they should be paying for reviews and traffic into their site. for a 6 month old site to achieve such stats within a short time frame, it is kind of impossible.


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