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In the last few months I’ve been lucky enough to actually meet many of my customers in a social setting, usually sat around a big table with a few beers just chatting. The amount of information that gets shared in these environments is amazing.

Every Time I’ve done this I’ve come away knowing far more than I did before I sat down. If you get a chance to network with people take the opportunity you won’t regret it. You’ll learn more about Internet Marketing and how to make money online that in any guru’s $2000 POC (Pile of Crap).

(If you are a member of WPG or Beyond Commission check out the forums for an invite to have a beer with me in London in December, I hate drinking alone 🙂 )

One topic I always like to ask about is why it’s so hard to get people to take action even when you give people all the tools and information they need to make money. Bear in mind that some of the people will have made a lot of money online and others will just be starting out, and a few will have been doing it for a year or more and not made anything.

The reply that most people came up with was “I didn’t believe it was possible for ME to make money until I saw people I know do it”

This was reinforced to me a while back when I got an email from a subscriber after I sent out the link to Mark Lings Free Affiliate Marketing Report asking me “Why are you sending me this XXXX”

My reply of “well because it works and it’s free and if applied will help you make money” elicited a long conversation with the guy who emailed me (“Would that be the 5 minute argument or Full half hour”…. A free membership to WPG, Video Creation Mastery or Beyond Commission to the first person who posts a comment telling me where that quote comes from!)

Once again it became obvious that people don’t believe that they can make money. They are happy to spend $97, $197 on a product but still don’t want to take action so what chance does providing free information have!

Listen, Now pay attention you.. yes you can make money online, If I can anyone can! I knew nothing when I started, I couldn’t set up a blog , and I couldn’t ftp, within 6 months I was earning a full time income… how… work.. working day after day and not allowing myself to ever think I wouldn’t do anything apart from succeed.

Every one I know who has succeeded has worked hard and not been distracted or given up. There is a thread in the WordPress Goldmine Forum at the moment by one of our members called George. Last November he made $219 from AdSense this November it’s going to break $3000. How do you think he did that? He worked at it. How many people who read his post do you think will be inspired to try just that bit harder to make it happen? Quite a few I bet because they can see it’s working.

The basics of Internet marketing are simple T=$ Traffic = Dollars you get traffic to a site that’s monetized and you’ll make money, once you get that traffic you can tweak and test your offers and find the most productive offer. How do you get traffic? By getting your site to rank high in the search engines and that’s where the real work comes in. Most people give up at that point because they don’t believe it will work.

Nearly there!!.. I am getting to the point of this rambling blog post…

Don’t try to do this alone, it will make it 10 times harder

Surround yourself with people who are positive about Internet Marketing, Talk to successful marketers, we aren’t ogre’s and we love to share our experiences. Find places where peaople share what works for them.

If you get a chance to meet up with like minded people do it. Join Forums that give you a positive outlook and try to help people succeed. Leave ones that are full of negative people. A lot of people think that all forums are like the Warrior forum or some of the other famous forums where you dare not say anything for fear of offending people. They aren’t all like that there are some great forums and I am not just talking about WordPress Goldmine, find one that suits you and it will drive you to success!

BTW This was my 199th post on this blog, let me know what you’d like the 200th to be about!

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Great Post as always Mark

I believe the quote is from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Series, probably re-cut into now for Somthing Completely Different. Was it Mt Cleese and Palin?

Seriously still grafting and believing, but frustrating not being able to do full time yet


Rich Russell

“Would that be the 5 minute argument or Full half hour” I won’t bother to say where this is from as I already have all 3 memberships.

I agree that the most important factor is belief and it makes a real difference if you can meet other people who are making this work. If perfectly ordinary people just like yourself are doing it, there is no reason why you can’t.

The great thing about the WPG forum is that there is such a high proportion of people who have started from scratch and made real progress. And each little success, no matter how small, is celebrated by everybody.

It really does help you to stay on track and do the daily grind.




Correct Stewart, drop me an email or log a call and let me know what membership you’d like..



I’ll drop you a line later via WPGM PM Mark (Yampyjoe)

Personally I always liked the:

“Why do you want to join the secret service? Can you keep a secret?…You’re in then”



Hi Mark,
I don’t want to start an argument here as this is the first time i’ve posted, but the answer to your question is probably:-

The Argument Sketch (or Argument, Argument Clinic, or Six More Minutes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus when including the non-argument sections) a sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It appeared in the show’s 29th episode

The Argument Sketch
Episode: The Money Programme (November 2, 1972)
Writer(s): John Cleese Graham Chapman
Actors: Michael Palin, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Rita Davies.

For those that have forgotten how to argue properly, Watch the tutorial here:

If I qualify, “Beyond Commision” may explain my lack of income!
Just joined WPG, have spent years trawling the IM get rich quick tutorials but still can’t join up the dots, hope this helps.
Kind regards



Mick… that was the most detailed answer…. but stewart got won the prize a couple of days ago!


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