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By Mark / August 5, 2006

Do you have an end of month routine for your sites?? About 3 months ago I worked out a little routine that I believe has increased my income by a minitmum 10-20%. Towards the end of each month I check the bandwidth used and the number of visitors for each site. I then select the worse performing sites and check them. Sometimes you’ll find a problem that you have overlooked at other times the problem will just be down to lack of links.

So far every site I’ve worked on has improved the following month sometimes significantly. The 3 or 4 hours I spend on therse sites is worth far more than spending 4 hours building more sites.

If the reason for the poor performance isn’t a physical problem the typical things I do are:

Submit the sites to a number of directories

Add them to social Bookmarking sites

Create (if necessary) and submit an rss feed

Start some blogging and pinging to a blog farm.

Manually post details to a few of my long standing Blogger blogs.

You can find all the details of your sites in cpanel although lately I’ve been using Domain DashBoard

Domain Dashboard allows me to keep upto date with the sites during the month so i can spot if I have a site with problems much earlier..

Tip of the day.. check out http://clickdensity.com/

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