Monday Tip – Making Link Building Count

By Mark / November 22, 2010

Link building sucks… but it’s if you want to make money online  it’s something that you need to do. Unfortunately a lot of people do it incorrectly or not at all so here are some simple tips to make sure you don’t waste you time.

There are only 2 things that count when building links, link Authority and the number of links you have. Link authority refers to how google and others search engines view the quality of the site the links are on and link volume refers to how many links you have.

If possible go for Authority over Volume. Do try to work out approximatly how many links you’ll need to get to the top of the search engines.. there is nothing worse than spending months getting thousands of links ony to find that you only needed 30 or 40 links.

Make sure you know if it’s worthwhile being #1 in google. I have sites ranking #1 that get 5000 visitors a month and make me $30  I have other that get 500 and make me $150 or more. It’s far easier to rank highly if there is less competition for low volume search terms.

Try to avoid a huge influx of links to your site, steady and regular is what seems to work best for me. Also get links from different locations and different styles, having 500 articles on ezine articles is nice but a waste of effort. Use a mixture of links such as social bookmarking, article directories, guest blogging, blog commenting and blog networks.

Become a stalker… find out where the sites ranking above you are getting links from and replicate it… then get better quality links.

Don’t expect to find all your links in the search engines, they won’t show up BUT the search engines do usually know about them.

When you start to get links your sites ranking will probably drop to start with…don’t panic just keep doing what your doing and it will come back higher.

As I said before link building sucks and no one really likes doing it , it lacks the buzz you get from finding a great keyword or domain or the sense of achievement you get from building a site. Luckily you can pretty much automate the whole process if you don’t mind spending money on tools or outsourcing.

I wrote about a free system of backlinking you could try earlier in the year I am still using the paid version of both tools.

However don’t be afraid to pay for solutions if you think they will benefit you, I recently started paying $147 per month to get backlinks to 5 sites,and it’s been so successful I just paid to add another 5 sites to the system. The additional income from only 2 of the sites I added originally was enough to cover the costs of all ten.

Wow that was my 200th post on this blog….never thought I’d write that many when I started!

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Henry Kunz


Thanks for a very useful addition to your link building guidelines. This is the one (most important) aspect of IM that I still need to conquer.

Congrats on your 200th article and also on your PR3 rating! (only noticed that now)

For some reason I have stopped receiving your e-mails when you post here (I only saw you reference to it in WPG)




Mark this is something I have been trying to stress to people so much when trying to build a strong relationship with search engines. It’s not the quantity but rather the authority. Great article and well thought out. Thanks for the read, I’ll be back!


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