Monday Tip – Be Impulsive – What’s The Worst That Can Happen!

By Mark / November 29, 2010

Be Impulsive – Whats The Worst That Can Happen..

This week I celebrate my 26th wedding anniversary, I met my wife in my last week of basic training in the Army and then disapeared abroad for 4 months. On my first leave home I proposed, On my 2nd leave I go married. I could count the number of dates we had on my fingers. This was the time before Cell phones, internet skype and instant messaging. communcation was almost exclusivly pen and paper.. (showing my age now!)

I’ve always been impulsive, I walked out of a good job with a bank and went travelling europe with just a rucksack ,£30 and a belief that things would work out fine. I’d got a job sorted in the south of France even before I left London and I literally bumped into a guy with my rucksack,I apologised, got talking and it turned out that his brother owned a bussines near Monaco.

Any way the purpose of this post isn’t to let you know I am the luckiest person in the world but to tell you that sometimes just go with your instincts not what all your research is telling you. I know people who won’t build a site unless Searches = x competition = y and adwords cost = z.

I’ve often given people guidelines like those myself but they are just that..guidelines.

Recently I’ve been ignoring keyword research and just going with my gut instinct. I start by finding good keyword based domain names and take if from there, you’d be surprised at how much fun and how profitable it can be.

For example if you researched a niche and your keyword research tool said it got:

260 searches a month,
it’s got 67,000 competing pages
and it adwords cost are $0.58

would you build a niche around it? (if you answer yes you’d be mad…. based on that research.)

So far this month that very niche has had 695 impressions and I’ve earned around $27 from it. Not bad for a 1 page site I created in about 25 minutes because I “felt” it would be a good one.

Internet marketing is like all jobs/hobbies you get a feel for it over time.

Fishermen do it, they go against all conventional wisdom and fish a particular spot because they feel it’s right , some times they catch a big fish other times they get nothing. Golfers read the line of a putt then at the last minute aim a bit further off the line because they feel it’s right. Sometimes they hole it somethime they don’t.

This week go with your instincts and build a site because you feel it’s a good one not because the research tells you to…. so what if the research was right and you were wrong at least you’ll have a bit of fun trying to prove that you are better than any tool!!

Trust your gut it’s usually right

P.S. I’ve set up a Special Facebook page for my business and internet marketing as it was freaking some of my friends out to see that I actually do do some work occasionally and have a life outside of the local bar!! As a result I’ve lost the followers I’d picked up via my personal facebook page. So if you’d like to get nitified on facebook when i make a post then just click on the networked blogs widget on the right … (it won’t look so weird then that I’m the only person following me!!)

As ever please feel free to comment using the wordpress comment box or the facebook comment box..

P.P.S If you are coming to the London “Lets have a beer” meet up on Thursday bring thermals!

Mark “Dragged Kicking and Screaming into the 21st century!” Thompson

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Excellent article Mark. I was so impressed I tried to follow your facebook blog but ended up exiting since some script asked for my permission to access my FB info and also access my friend list, etc. That is something I don’t like doing and never authorize. Any other way to follow your blog on FB?


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