People Are Weird – Are you Sabotaging Your Own Success?

I love internet marketing and teaching internet marketing to people. I really can’t think of another job that would give me so much personal fulfillment and pleasure. (oooohhh see how i used the word job there!).

But with that comes it’s own set of frustrations.

You see the problem is that Internet marketing is basically very easy and anyone can do it. You need to set up a website, drive traffic to it and monetize it. It’s only 3 things what could possibly go wrong…. unfortunately lots.

Unfortunately people are amazingly weird and will find ways not to succeed, If I show my dog how to open a box of biscuits she’ll try it until she opens it, it might not be the exact way I showed her but it works for her, then every time I put a box in front of her she’ll open it (at which point the cat will come and steal some of the biscuits and then continue planning world domination)

So lets assume for this post that I am sat in a classroom and in front of me I have 100 desks and tables, 100 people have all paid me $20 to teach them a system that works. I know it works, I’ve proven it works, they know it works they just have to put it in place.

So lets get started with the roll call..

Ohh look 10 people haven’t even bothered to come into the class room despite paying $20… do you buy products and not even open them?

So lets get started, The first thing you need to do is do some basic keyword research… wait look 30 people are on the PC’s in the corner updating facebook and reading emails.. ahh well down to 60 students….   Do you get easily distracted?

Still we are almost finished the first session so after recess I’ll teach you how to create a wordpress blog….. wait you 10 don’t go it’s not that technical, anyone can do it if they try and you can ask questions people here will help you…bye 🙁 … Do you shy away from having to do anything technical??

Right so we are now down to 50 students… my ego is taking a battering here!

Next I need you to write some original content for those great websites you built…..hey you 10 come back what do you mean you can’t write. Of course you can, you may not want to or think you can’t but I promise you you can… Does This sound familiar??

Hoo Hum 40 left.

Right the last bit and you’ll start to make money… I need you to work hard at promoting your site… hey where have half the class gone??? …
Do you skimp on the most important aspect…promotion?

Right the 20 of you that are left come up the front of the class…. You 20 have every thing you need to make a good income online all you need to do is go out there and put into practice all that you know we’ll meet up here in 6 months time and I guarantee you’ll be making money…

6 months later….. (insert shimmery Hollywood style special effect)

Hey hello my 15 star pupils good to see you are breaking that $100 a day barrier or selling loads of products where are the other 5?   ahhh they are still reading the handouts… JFDI… Take action

Ok so you might thing that this is a little light hearted fun, it’s not.!  I am deadly serious and the figures probably aren’t that far out.  Every month in WordPress Goldmine we have a group of people who post their stats for the past month.  It motivates them and it helps to motivate people reading it.  Every single member there can see what these successful members are doing . They all have one thing in common they work hard to succeed. Why? Because they know that taking action and hard work pays off and leads to increased income.

If they can do it so can anyone else…but still people put off taking action.

So If you are reading this and you aren’t taking as much action as you think you should let me know why, post a comment and tell me what’s holding you back.

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Hey Mark!

I am one of your successful students, and I have…
-gotten easily distracted
-been afraid of “tech” stuff
-not opened things I’ve bought
-not done a lot of promotion


I am now FOCUSED (although I do still get distracted), I can do all the tech stuff I need to do. I return products that I buy if they don’t fit my business plan or are just plain junk. I do a lot of promotion (that makes a HUGE difference).

I kept pushing forward and applied what I learned. I didn’t quit. I took action. That has made all the difference.




Great post Mark, so very, very true (not just for IM)

I too have been guilty of all these things, like Heather said. I think tenacity is very important, that even if you do get off course, you don’t quit and you learn from your mistakes.

Thanks again Mark, good one.



Keith Jones

I think I have been as guilty as anyone in flittnng from guru to guru ..
It’s very tempting to be lured by snake oil salesmen !
I learned so much from you Mark at East Midlands…
Since then I have visited George and learned even more about IM

Bucking down to promoting rather than new site building is being quite interesting…
even if I cheat by using Fiverr for the incredibly boring bits.
Thanks to you all for your help



Hi Mark,
I’m another successful student 🙂

I was the queen of procrastination, but once I realised that this stuff *works* and that those sales were not just luck, I became so much more focused. I think my problem was I didn’t believe IM could work for *me.* Since I convinced myself that I can do this, I’ve been plugging away ever since.



Kerry Russell

Hey Mark

I’m not a student of yours but i can totally relate to what you are saying.

I’ve been working hard at all the points you have made in your post but I havn’t quite yet got there (although I am seeing bite sized results).

In all honesty I was ready to give up not so long ago (well i thought i was anyway) but give up is something I will never do, so even if I’m getting everything else wrong, then determination at least means i will learn from my mistakes and eventually get where i need to be.




kerry, glad you are sticking with it… we see time and time again in the forum that someone can struggle for months and then suddenly it all falls into place and their income takes off. Just keep working at it and you will succeed.


bj @ Ninja Web Services

A great article!

Since I’m determined to make it I have gotten through ** most ** of the steps and I’m actually started into the backlinks building and promo part of things for my first up and running website, with articles posted in six places so far, and plans to do a few more a week– I’m on track. I also have my next website domain name bought and some keyword research started for site two, which will get started after I’m done adding the initial content to site one. I’m working the plan, even though I have yet to make a dime. I’m confident that in six months’ time I’ll be making at least some dough. Then it’ll be just a matter of refining what I’ve done, and repeating the stuff that works.

I can already see SOME results, even if they aren’t conversion/money results yet. My first affiliate website is routinely getting 5-10 unique visitors a day even though it’s only been up a couple weeks, and some of that is from google from my chosen keyphrases. That traffic should build as the backlinks and articles get added and as my SERPs get better. I’m still adding content to the site, so that’ll help too, by picking up traffic from more longtail keyphrases. Then, if stuff still isn’t converting, I’ll have to start tweaking and getting things working better.

Baby steps. 🙂

I have no excuses, by the way. I’ve been building and promoting wordpress websites for other people for YEARS. Now it’s my turn. I have most of the skills necessary, it’s just the finetuning of conversion I need to get in place, that and maybe getting a bit better and more intuitive about picking buying keyphrases.

Looks like I better start opening all those ebooks about those subjects that are sitting on my hard drive and actually reading them. 😉



I am working on the cure. I no longer open my email accounts until I’ve done at least an hours worth of work.

My biggest hurdle is article marketing. Just gotta bite the bullet and do it.



Great post Mark, although I think that 15% is rather generous.

I love how straight you are without an B.S. Very Dan Kennedy Esk in that regard.

BTW welcome to 2010 and Facebook.

Friending you now.



Hi Mark:
I can totally relate to this article. I’ve spent hundreds of hours setting up my website from scratch, researching keywords, writing articles and signing up with affiliates. In spite of it all, I haven’t made a dime. I’m one of those people who knows that I should be taking more action-mainly on promotion. I got to a point where I became overwhelmed and confused and didn’t know what to do next, so I did nothing. I’m not happy about that and I want to get back to business and be successful in internet marketing. I need a day by day, step by step plan and right now I don’t have one. I believe that’s what holding me back.


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