The party is Over – Time To Work

By Mark / January 5, 2011

But before I do there are some things I want to get off my chest that will hopefully click with a few people.

1. If it sounds to good to be true..then it most probably is.

I got an email yesterday about a webinar where someone was going to show me how to make $300,000 a month for 30 minutes work per day. The copy was very pursasive but I know from experience that it’s it’s probably the finest grade bullXXXX.

I saw an auction on Flippa last week, a 5 day old site making … wait for it… $1500 a month (proof of income included) and page Rank 5. Now do you think that was possibly a scam? The sad thing was it had 15 bids and sold for $200. Anyone want to buy London bridge?

There is one thing that works in this business and thats hard work, get something that works then rinse and repeat and scale it up.

We have more and more people at wordpress goldmine getting really excellent results every month and without exception it’s been because they are working on the things that they know work.

If you doubt that, take the $1 trial (banner is at the top) and read the income update threads from last month and the month before and see how people make steps forward each month.

2. If you buy a $2000 course expect to be overwhelmed.

I read a brilliant comment last week about one of the recent $2000 courses, a Guy said in a forum ” I bought (name removed to protect the not so innocent!) course but it had so much stuff in it I don’t have time to go through it.”

Trust me thats not unique. If you create a $2000 course then you are going to fill it so full of fluff that most people won’t look at it.

If you aren’t making $200 or more a day then it’s unlikely that you’ll get any value from an expensive course, You’ll get much more value form cheaper courses written by people actually doing what they teach on a day in day out basis. Do you really think the Guru’s do what they teach rather than just do Million Dollar launches?

3. Stop wasting your time..

I know people who claim to have been “Internet Marketers” for 5 years and have yet to make any money online. That’s Like me claiming to be a Tour De France Cyclist because I just happen to own a bike, shave my legs and have and way too much Lycra.

How can I say this politely… Money isn’t going to land in your lap, if you have yet to make money online and you’ve been trying for a year then find another hobby or something else to pass the time.

Internet marketing is easy it’s just a matter of taking a few simple steps and repeating them, don’t try to reinvent the wheel you don’t need to.

Some times I get so frustrated at some of the stuff I read I want to grab people by the throat and shake them. Stop researching, stop buying tools just TAKE ACTION

Ask anyone who has made some money online and they’ll tell you stick them in a room with nothing just an internet connection & a laptop and an empty paypal account and within a few days they will have made money. (many will have made money by lunchtime).

So commit to making money in the next week.

4. Set Realistic Targets

At least once a month I get an email asking me if they can make $10,000 a month in a few months (why is it always $10,000?? )

My reply is usually along the lines of , People have done it but it’s very unlikely why don’t you try to make $10 a day to start with.

If they ever bother to reply it’s usually but (insert name here!) says that I can.

Set targets by all means but make them achieveable and realistic. I walked up a hill here in spain last year that was over 10% gradient all the way up for about 5 KM and I did it by repeating the mantra “Baby steps, Baby steps 1,2,3” all the way up to the top. I passed a lot of people much fitter than me who had to stop for a break as they set off way to quick..

And that my friends is probably the best advice i can give you for 2011 … Baby Steps Baby Steps 1,2,3.

Have a great year….make it happen

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Dwain DeVille

Right On Mark!!!

So many people are desperately looking for that silver bullet to bring them the perfect life or job. A great lifestyle and/or job is built one day at a time and if you fail to understand that, you’ll always be subject to the bullXXXX instant money schemes on the web.

Besides, having to do it one day at a time ensures that you actually ‘live’ during the process. There’s nothing more gratifying than turning around six months to a year later and seeing all that you’ve accomplished.

Thanks for being a voice of reason and sanity in this forest of dreams…


Shaun Baird

Mark, I never knew you shaved your legs? Ive never looked by the way. Seriously though that has to be the best post I’ve read in quite some time.



John McNally

I like it. Baby steps, baby steps, 1,2,3 – I could pinch that mantra.

When I first met my girlfriend she couldn’t run more than 100 metres, without stopping to catch her breath. Six months later she ran a half marathon non-stop. We started with baby steps, and worked our way up to 13 miles.

As Mao Tse Tung said; “A march of a 1,000 miles, begins with a single step.”

Leamington Spa, England


cash on demand

That’s the trouble with the Internet its full of get rich quick systems. You can get rich quick on the Internet but you just have to work hard which unfortunately most of these people wanting the get rich quick systems aren’t willing to do.

Good stuff though thanks


Make Money Online

Great advice. Even added some humor. Your blog is different from some of the other “big dogs”. I will have to keep coming back. Maybe get some tips that I can show to my readers. Thank you.


paul nicholls blog

nice post mark

think u hit the nail on the head.

its really strange the fact that most human beings are so impatient when it comes to making money r trying to better them selves.

people always want the easy way out and want to be making thousands within days!

as you say baby steps, thats def true. My first goal was to make $10 a day online and i hit that a long time ago but step by step thats all ive done. These days if i dont have at least a $90 im dissapointed lol. Its only a matter of weeks before i hit the big $100 + in a day and a lot of the help has come from the WPGM forum 🙂

these gurus that charge thousands for a course and just deliver crap, fluff and hype really does make me sick aswell !!!




hi, i believe making many online can be easy, well easier then a 9-5 job, i know pleny of people who made a 100 bucks the first month, but they were on the computer 10 hours a day, i do agree many people think they can make $1000 bucks the first month, well they may if their wasent 50 billion people trying to make money online !



No truer words have been said about internet marking. I haven’t made any money yet but feel that I am getting very close. I bought one of those $1200 course several and started going thru it from beginning to end and you what happened? I spent a month reading studying and researching and did no work. The result was nothing creative got done. No website, no customers, no clients etc etc. Since that time I have created 3 sites and two are on page one and making the climb to the top.

Thanks Mark for putting these things in print.


Lester Diaz

Awesome Post, I like the part about the realistic goals, many people want to make money but don’t have the courage to work hard and actually be determined to achieve some success, set yourself with small goals and each time you achieve one reward yourself until you reach the big one.

Lester Diaz



Excellent post as usual Mark, especially when read with the one on focus.

Looking at thing different this year. Have my own mantra – Small Victories. they all add up. Doing the Challange post on WordPress Goldmine has been excellent for me. Worrying less and doing more.


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