Internet Marketing Is a Team Game

By Mark / January 17, 2011

You are probably sat reading this at your PC on your own. On the surface IM seems a pretty lonely career, but it needn’t be nor indeed should it be.

I’ve talked to a few people in the last couple of days who attended Affiliate Summit West and they had a very productive few days. They met potential JV partners and some people that they found were working on very similar projects. It seems that talking to like minded people stimulates the creative juices.

Having people you can talk with also helps to keep you accountable. Trust me if you tell someone that you are going to create a new site or a new product next month, if you know that they will ask you how it went you are far more likely to follow through.

I always find that after I’ve spent time with other established Internet marketers or people who just want to make money online but don’t actually know what they want to do yet I am full of ideas. Those are two totally different groups of people but they both produce similar creative results, let me explain.

When I talk to established marketers we discuss what we are testing out how different types of emails worked, tools that generated traffic or tools that just don’t work etc. Sharing that knowledge saves a lot of time and it gives each of us ideas about what we can test. A prime example is the facebook app in the sidebar of this blog, that’s there because one of my IM friends had a lot of success getting his posts read via facebook, so I am testing it.

When I talk to people who are just starting out I need to really refine and distill my ideas and methods into easily understood and easily implemented steps. This also helps me focus on what really matters. Sometimes they’ll say something like “Would doing ABCD work” This is usually something I’ve never thought about and quite often it’s something that works.

So how do you find like minded people to Interact with. I find there are 5 distinct groups of people I get great value from. I believe if you aren’t interacting with other marketers in a least 3 of the ways below then you are missing out.

1. Marketers who live locally:

I try to have breakfast with some of these people at least once a week, over coffee and Cheese and Ham Toasties we chat about stuff we’ve read or problems we’ve encountered and what we are currently working on. It’s taken time but once you meet one or two they’ll know others.

2. Forums:

Forums are great for sharing views and ideas. The downside is if you choose the wrong one they can be full of negativity and a fair few “haters”. A good forum can help you buld your business rapidly. Try to find a Forum with a “Pay it Back” mentality that’s one where the people who have been helped in the past then help the next group of new members. Avoid Forums with any level of negativity, you should be able to ask for help or give your views without fear of being made to feel stupid.

Compulsory Product Placement… If you want to see what a good forum can be like check out WordPress Goldmine (The banner at the top will give you a $1 trial)

3. Online friends:

I have a group of friends online who started working online about the same time that I did. If I have an idea or a problem I know I can go to them and ask their opinions, I also know that they will tell me If they think the ideas are bad. Skype and email is the main way we keep in touch.

4. Mastermind Groups.

This works really for some people. The premise behind mastermind groups is that you get coaching and access to more advanced Internet Marketers. You get one to one consultations and advice and someone who actually cares about your success. No Internet marketer knows it all and mastermind groups is how many marketers broaden their experience in specific areas. I can guarantee you that almost every well known Internet marketer (especially the ones we all love to hate) are part of a mastermind group.

Mastermaind groups range in cost from about $67 to $100,000 a month but are usually worth every cent. You need to choose the group you join depending on the targets you have. I recently Joined a mastermind group run by Brad Gosse because I want to broaden my customer base and run several WSO’s this year and I know that it is something he is very good at doing. In that group I am surrounded by people with similar goals and ambitions. ¬†Already I’ve spoke to several potential JV partners and been given a superb idea that I am now developing. If I wanted to create more mass market products then I would have seen if someone like Jason Fladlien or Lee Mcintyre had a mastermind group running and joined them.

5. Meeting Fellow Internet Marketers at Seminars.

I attended 2 seminars last year (OK I was running them so i had to go!) but I learned so much from just chatting over a coffee or a beer to like minded people. I was planning on attending a 3rd networking event but the weather conspired against me. This year I’ll hopefully try to get to at least 5 events. Affiliate Summit West next year will definitely be one of them.

It’s often said and it’s usually true, most of the value from seminars is derived at the bar. Just 1 tip someone mentioned to me at a seminar last year increased one small income stream by over 400%.

So get out there and build yourself a network and talk to like minded people it will help you build a stronger business.

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Can I just say I love Jason Fladlien, he is doing ever so well and can you blame him. Someone else I like is Pat Flynn and you wouldn’t need to join this guys mastermind group because he shares everything, and I mean everything. Tactics, income, profits all of it. Keep up the good work mark!


maurice hector

I always felt that i was by myself cause all the people that were successful in IM charged you a arm and a leg to talk or help you but when i ran into someone that i knew and found out they were in IM,things started to change cause we shared ideas and held each other accountable and that makes a big difference! This is a great post ,you hit the nail on the head


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