The Jigsaw Videos

By Mark / April 7, 2008

I recently created some new videos as part of WordPress Goldmine. One particular video had a big response within a few hours of posting it. It was suggested to me that I should create a version of it for my blog. So here are 2 videos for you to watch.

If you are looking for a quick and simple method of creating an online income then this may be of particular interest to you.

In video 1 I look at a method of adding regular unique content to your blogs.

Video 1 was only one piece of the jigsaw. In video 2 I look at how you can turn that content into an income. You can get the free UAW plugin for wordpress at jusr scroll towards the bottom of the page and you’ll see a selection of plugins. Grab the one for wordpress.

The Plugin I use in Video 2 is the WordPress Link Cloak plugin just follow the link and you can read more about it.

By using these 2 simple plugins and a bit of website promotion you can almost have a semi automated income machine build and earning 24/7 for only a few minutes work every few days.

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