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By Mark / April 30, 2008

Recently I mentioned to members of the Income Academy membership site and WordPress Goldmine customers  about a very cheap and efficient way of getting content written. When I say cheap how does $1 or $2 an article or rewrite sound? Would it sound even better If I said that you didn’t need to pay for this content until you were satisfied that it met the standards you set? Furthermore would you be even more interested if i said the site that did this was run by one of the biggest online companies in the world?

I hope I’ve got your interest now.

The site is Amazons Mechanical Turk (www.mturk.com)  and it focuses on the completion of what it calls Human Intelligence Tasks or HIT’s.  The best way of using it is to break each task down into modules so if you want an article written or rewritten break it down into paragraphs or even sentances. You can then get pay 10 or 20cents to have each paragraph or sentence rewritten along the guidelines you have given.

Think this through for a while, if you wanted a new blog post everyday you could have this done for about 20 cents per day or you could have an article written everyday for under $2.

Now lets take this one step further using a resource like http://gistweb.com/web.php you could get yourself content that you can submit to Mturk to get rewritten. The potential here is huge.

One great thing about The Mechanical Turk is that there is an API available so that tools that interface with it can be created so you could compile your tasks on your home PC and then just have them posted  to MTurk on a regular basis.

I hope thats given you lots to think about and if you develop a tool based on Mturk…don’t forget me!!

Oh before I forget I’d like to mention my wife, who today has just written her 5000th article ..next time you worry about writing an article think of her. When she started she had never written an article and didn’t have a clue where to start.   I’d hate to think how many people have read one of her articles her personal ones have over a quarter of a million views on Ezinearticles alone.  Well done Allison!

You can check out her article writing site at: http://articleandcontentsolutions.com/

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David at DavidNordmark.com

This is very interesting. From looking at the site, you can use this for other tasks beyond article writing. I’m continually amazed at the different ways work can be leveraged using the web. Thanks for the tip!

– Dave


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