Scam Alert – How You are Being Conned

By Mark

February 15, 2011 Video Post 28 Comments

This video probably signals the end of any chance I have of any guru ever promoting any of my products…ahh well C’est la Vie and the French say.

You are being lied to and conned by some of the so called Guru’s , I know you knew that didn’t you. The use of fake screenshots and misrepresenting income by showing income from different sources and claiming it’s from the system they are selling has been happening for years but it’s difficult to prove..unless someone is an idiot. Luckily for us some of them are!

Fake Screenshot - Here's One I Made Earlier

Yesterdays launch of Google Sniper was a case in point. In the launch Video George Brown shows the income from 2 of his clickbank accounts and claims the money is earned exclusively from Google Sniper sites. If it was true it would be great. Hell even if it was $100 a would still be a system to follow. Unfortunately at the launch one of the accounts very briefly showed the account name and someone was observant enough to grab a screen shot.

The account in question was Tsiphon which is the traffic syphon account a product that George released last year. Impressive figures it would have been a great example of how to sell a product..unfortunately that’s not what he was selling.

So how easy is it to fake a clickbank screenshot…watch the video and find out!

Here is a cleared image of the Video Capture

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