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Sorry it’s been a week or so since I last Posted but I have been upto my neck in a new launch.

Everyone knows that Article Market can be very profitable, the problem is it takes so long to get your articles ready. Niche research, Keyword Research , Article research then finally writing a few articles and you suddenly discover the morning has gone.

Of course you can buy PLR articles, but you have no way of knowing how many times they have been used by other people so you need to rewrite them, once again 4 or 5 rewrites and you’ve lost another chunk of your day.

After I wrote WordPress Goldmine most of the emails I had were about where to source Unique articles or how to write articles quickly. This got me to thinking about exactly what article marketers need.

They don’t actually need lots of unique articles they just need articles that won’t be caught out by any duplicate content filters that the search engine might have. They need articles that target keywords that people use and that don’t have lots of competition. The need articles that target a Niche and a variety of products. Once i got that far i needed a step by step list to help me work out how to deliver what marketers need at a price they can afford.

I often find the best way to compile a list like this is to imagine I have and office full of staff and I need to hand out out tasks to get a project created. (try it works!!)

First I need someone to research a niche

Next I need someone to find the best keywords to target

After that Someone is going to need to research the content for the articles

Then I need someone to write it.

Ok after all that I have 1 article that targets 1 keyword. Not bad but no one is going to want to pay $10 for 1 article so I got to thinking a bit more ..time to hire more staff!

Right lets add 2 People to rewrite that article twice.

So lets get another person in to grab all the paragraphs in each article and create new articles out of them.. see where we are going yet??

Eureka… Now we don’t have 1 article , we don’t have the 3 unique articles we have thousands of articles all different from the others.

Now at last we have a product that people need..

Each week we target 10 Keywords in a niche

Send out 3 articles on each keyword (if you use UAW you will probably have just wet yourself!)

Give you access to thousands of variation of those articles

Give you guides reports and videos so you know how to best use the Videos

Then throw in a private members forum

Finally Limit it to 50 people per set of articles….

Sounds good doesn’t it and when you find out the price you won’t believe it!

If you would like to know more the Visit

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