The Good Stuff – A Review of Cash Bootstrap Method V2

By Mark / February 18, 2011

It’s very rare for me to do reviews of products, initially it was because a lot of the stuff that people want reviews of is crap! What I mean by that is that most people hear about the hyped up programs that everyone promotes so they want a review of it. Personally i don’t want to support these guys as i know how they operate.
(I know they aren’t all like that! But a lot are) So the very things that people want reviewed in 90% of cases I wouldn’t recommend. So I’d rather not do reviews.

It was a catch 22 situation.

However as a result of the really poor products that have been released lately I’ve decided to change tack and go and find quality products.

For me to review them I’ve set some rules,

I must have chatted to the creator , not necessarily an interview but you can tell a lot about peoples ideals and beliefs by just chatting in person or on skype.

They must be ethical, no false screenshots, genuine testimonials , nothing that could be construed as sharp practice.

Finally they must support their products and genuinely care about their customers.

So the first product I am going to review that ticks all these boxes is Mark Acutt’s Cash Bootstrap Method.

Check out the Video below

You can get Cash Bootstrap Method for a special price of $9 By clicking on the link.

Hope you enjoyed that as ever i welcome your comments.

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John McNally

This is good Mark. I feel the same way as you about trying to review something that is rubbish. I have written 270 posts and 1 review. I shall be following the parameters you have set here for any other product reviews. Keep up the good ethical work Mark.

Leamington Spa, England


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