A Blight On The Internet

Recently I’ve been noticing more and more WordPress Sites that contain nothing more than Adsense Adverts,and RSS Feeds and then maybe an Ebay or Amazon Store.  There is no content and absolutly nothing of value on these sites.  Now the crux of the matter is that these are sites that are sold like this, so who in their right mind would actually buy something like this?

As you will know If you’ve been reading this blog for a while I think wordpress is an excellent tool and the foremost platform for internet marketers. Build a site using wordpress and you have a piece of virtual real estate capable of earning you an good income for years to come. So what do you need to make a profitable site.

  • Good content
  • Carefully chosen monetization
  • Good promotion
  • A site that looks good and gives value

All that is pretty simple and straight forward, The sites that I’ve been seeing have no proper content just loads of lists of rss feeds and way too much monetization, looking at the site 80% is taken up with ads of 1 sort of another.  I seriously doubt that any promotion is being done apart from spamming a few social bookmarking sites.  All in all they are a complete waste of time and money.

I even found one that targets The  keyword Phrase “best west palm beach lawyer”in the domain name but Goolge tells me “No results found for “best west palm beach lawyer” What a complete waste of time!  (wonder If I’ll be ranking there tomorrow!! 🙂 )

Do the people who buy these really think that Google is going to keep a site consisting of rss feeds and adverts in the rankings for long? They all seem to come with a couple of huge fingerprints that makes it incedibly easy to track them down.

 Finally before I work myself into a rabid lather… these sites have a translation plugin that supposedly translates the content into 8 different languages, have you ever tried google translate or bablefish on a piece of foreign language? The results are often unfathonable ..this is what foreign visitors will also get.

The sooner that Google removes adsense from these sites the better.

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I don’t like blogs that pretty much only copy other people’s posts onto their site. If you aren’t ever going to write something original and useful, then why bother? As I’ve heard about a million times, “content is king”!


James - DigitalKeyToInfo

Unfortunately, I think some people do think if they buy the site it will rank and get traffic.
People are lazy and stupid sometimes. It’s the same with the internet business in box crud in the infomercials. You are not going to see people lining up to buy expensive, useless junk from the same page that 10000 other people have up on another subdomain. Yet, they would never think a joining a “pyramid.”
Sites like that make it easier for the rest of us.


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