Super Affiliate Toolbox Opens It’s Doors

I don’t often write posts promoting my sites but I am especially excited about Super Affiliate ToolBox as I don’t think that there is anything else like it available.

The site is the first joint venture i’ve entered into with one of my members over at The Income Academy and it’s been a great experience being able to bounce Idea’s off another person.

On the surface it may look just like another dime a dozen PLR site. But it is so much more than that.

The key points are:

  • 10 articles delivered weekly targeting a specific niche
  • 3 versions of each of those articles  (Ideal if you use Unique Article Wizard or Article Helper Pro)
  • Thousands of Variations of the articles to help you avoid any duplicate content penalty

But it doesn’t stop there..

  • Free access to what we call The “Super Affiliate Toolbox System”
  • Help and guidance on how best to monetize the niches
  • Exclusive Members Forum
  • Only 50 members in each group.
  • Group A will only cost you $27 per month

If you’d like to read more you’ll find more information at


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Is super affiliate toolbox still going?



No we finished it about 18 months ago….


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