Have You Got A Strategy?

Grab a  Coffee a pen and some paper and write down what your Strategy is.

Have you done that yet??  I’m serious…I am about to try to change your life so the least you can do is to humor me for a few minutes, Ok forget the coffee.. Just get the pen and paper.

At the top of the piece of paper write the following..  “My Strategy is…………………”

Right so what have you written down? I bet you had to think about it for a while and i am sure a good percentage of you haven’t even got a strategy. Not to worry lets remedy that now.

Do you know what a strategy is?  I asked a well known marketer what his strategy was and he replied “To create useful products that people need”  Wrong Answer… Thats a tactic.

So what is a strategy? A strategy is the WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. What do you want to get at the end of the road? What do you want the results to be? Small strategies produce small results. Big strategies produce big results.

What is a tactic? A tactic is an ACTION STEP that helps you to accomplish your strategy. A tactic enables your destination. Tactics are like a car. The car is useless if you don’t know where you’re going. Good, positive, massive, powerful tactics give you good results. Weak, small, irrelevant tactics give you small results.

Your Strategy will drive your tactics get yourself a BIG Stategy and then apply BIG Tactics To get your there.

For an example your strategy could be to be financially sufficient with no debt by June 2009. Now to achieve that you are going to need a BIG Tactic . Building a few adsense sites every week isn’t going to get your there.

Grab that bit of Paper Turn it over and write down a couple of idea for a project. Use things you know about for example If you work In a car dealership write down Create a Book on “How to Get Big Discounts On Cars” If you work in an office how about “Using Office Politics To Get To The Top” If you are a Nurse or work for a doctor How about ” 15 Things You Should Ask your Doctor”

Everyone reading this has an area of expertise that someone else would like information on. If you can write it or even do a draft and hire someone to write for it or create a video about it then attract JV partners. then you can create an income. 

Suppose you placed the book on clickbank and sold a few hundred copies, Take some of that money and get the Book printed up for you, take it to local outlets and ask them If they’ll sell it for you. Send copies to Local radio, TV and newspapers ..Do interviews.

Using sites Like LuLu  place the books on Amazon.

Think big why stop at clickbank and paydotcom.  If your book is good enough to sell to 10 people it’s good enough to sell to 100 People , If it’s good enough to sell to 100 people then it’s good enough to sell to 1000 people.  if it’s….etc etc

Think BIG Strategies, THink BIG Tactics, Think Positive





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Land Projects UK

Thanks for the great article! That’s really a BIG help for people who want to become successful in business. I guess that’s the best way to attract good things in life.. THINK BIG! 🙂


James - DigitalKeyToInfo

You got me motivated Mark.
Also, I am going to spend some time looking at Lulu. I have not see this before and it may prove to be a solution for some of my ideas.



EDIT By Mark.
I got this comment today and I thought I’d publish it, hopefully who ever wrote it will come back and give an explanation as to why they think this article is crap. With negativity like this the author will have an extra hard time being sucessful online.

I am not even convinced that the email address of the poster is correct as the IP address is canadian and the registered address is in california and the domain is parkerd and up for sale… but I have been wrong before.

So anyway please come back and give us a longer expanation as to why you think this about the post and we’ll try to have a probper conversation about it .

Either Way It’s given me an idea for my next post!

THIS is total crap.


Roy Phay

Hi Mark,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience! I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and I’m glad to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.



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