Google Farmer Update – The Sky Isn’t Falling

By Mark / March 7, 2011

There has been so much written about the Google “Farmer” update that you probably are bored to death with it. It’s not like Google don’t do regular updates, this is just another long line of many.

There has been volumes about how Ezinearticles have suffered and having read some comments you’d be start to believe that none of Ezinearticles content was ranking.

You’d be wrong.

I am still getting clickthroughs from Ezineartilces, I have actually been scratching my head over the past week wondering why there has been so much written about something that impacted me and several people I talked to so little.

Having lived through numerous google updates one thing is certain the initial changes will be temporary, google will continue to tweak and modify it’s algorithm to ensure the best content ranks. Although for some reason google seems to thinks in many niches the best most pertinent content is stores… Go figure!

Several major sites were affected and there were several major ones that didn’t seem to have any adverse effects so lets look at 2 of them and see what we can deduce.

Lets compare eHow and Ezinearticles. I searched both for an article on how to clean brick fireplaces, look at the images below and tell me which one looks the most appealing to a visitor. They both have ads yet one looks like a MFA site (made For Adsense) and the other looks like an informative site with images and a step by step guide.

If you were google which would you choose to rank higher?

The images above show that The Ezinearticles content starts much further down the page and under the title , it’s not content but ads. It seems logical to me that if google see’s a title then it expects to see content next , instead it’s getting ads

eHows content starts higher and is immediately below the title, I am not saying that this is a factor BUT it may well be worth testing. But as that may impact the income Ezinearticles earns from OUR articles then it probably won’t be tested.

Once again if you were google which one would you rank higher??

Ezinearticles identified the 7 niches that they say are the biggest problem :

1. Penis Enlargement
2. Get Your Ex Back
3. Acai Berry
4. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup
5. Credit Card Debt Relief
6. Male Enhancement Pill
7. TV for PC

We’ll wow those are certainly not niches full of scams and low quality products are they! If you go to each site and check out how many articles they have on each topic you’ll find Ezinearticles have way more of each.

While on these topics Ezinearticles overall response has been very indicitive of how they treat their authors. Last year they introduced new rules in an attempt to stop what they called Derivitave articles , multiple articles saying the same thing. Good idea, it’s just a pity they didn’t enforce it.

When the Farmer update hit last week they introduced more rules and wanted feedback on what to do with the magnificent 7 above. It’s obvious, what they should do. The editors should do their jobs and not approve poor quality articles.

The top author in the Get you Ex back at ezinearticles has written almost 2000 articles on the topic.. She really needs to get over it and move on!

The top author in the penis enlargement niche has over 1300 articles… he needs to get out more!

Maybe we should hook both of them up!

Now let Ezinearticles tell me that those articles are not derivitive! Every solution EZA have proposed have been aimed at changing the rules , it’s their mess they approved the articles , get in there and re-edit the articles.

So what should you do about the farmer update…. Nothing!

Ask yourself this if you were searching for a solution online and found your own article would it be useful and helpful or just a pile of rehased poop?

If you write good quality content unique content then you’ll be Fine if you are writing poor quality articles then you’ll have problems… It’s always been like that and it always will!

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paul nicholls

hey mark

as you say at the end about having good content, i couldnt agree more!

if we create good content which is unique, fresh and informative then we have nothing to worry about
with our own sites

if google are clamping down on low quality sites with copied or low quality content then thats good
for those of us that take the time to write or pay for good content

at the end of the day its just another google update/tweaks of many to come



Shaun Baird

and here endeth the lesson…

Keep on working, produce the good stuff and why worry? Those who worry are often the ones who produce pond-life based content anyway.



As usual Mark, you’re spot on….
Isn’t it strange, how people are actually going on and on about Google, clamping down on “bad quality content”?? … if they worry about it, then they are admitting and confessing that they have bad quality content on their sites!


george broon dog

On average, Google makes 500 algo changes every year and they will continue to do that (that’s 10 per week!!).

Some of my sites suffered after the MayDay 2010 algo changes, but that taught me some valuable lessons … my sites are much better now for that and my earnings just keep rising.

I’ve no problem with Google trying to make things better for the better sites.


Joyce and Ray Lavin

We are proud to be a member of your Forum.

We are building Sites with original content and the best quality, that we can provide.

Cheers !! Ray.


Bryan Thompson


I think the acid test is your second to last line…

“Ask yourself this, if you were searching for a solution online and found your own article would it be useful and helpful or just a pile of rehashed poop?”



Mark you are like E.F.Hutton. When you speak people should listen. You always seem to put things in internet marketing in their proper perspective.




Great article, I got a laugh at [The top author in the Get you Ex back at ezinearticles has written almost 2000 articles on the topic.. She really needs to get over it and move on!

The top author in the penis enlargement niche has over 1300 articles… he needs to get out more!, Maybe we should hook both of them up!]

Couple of years ago when you searched for the term make money online ezinearticles would show up on the 1st page of google this can be contibuted to travis’s bum-marketing method writing or rewriting plr and posting to the article directories did work.

Now, googles changes have made a difference it is Authoritative Content that is king and the amount of interaction that determins the serp’s results, a well written and informative post (like this one) will get people talking which does improve your seo, if you look at social sites and any form of discussion site they rank well.

Thanks again love the Authoritative Content 🙂


Cathyrin|buy uniforms

Well, this is a new advice I got, out of so many bloggers and marketers who had given their opinions and rants about what really happened to Ezinearticles and other article niches. Many had seen the effect and advice new focus on contents and social media. And I guess, this is really a real help, do nothing if you know that you have a good content, eh. Thanks for the new insight.



Being new to online issues, I have not found so much written about the Google “Farmer” update that I could probably be bored to death with it. In my case it’s exactly the opposite. I very excited to read what you ve wriitten.

My eyes are now open to see more.


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