Unveiling The Most Comprehensive Marketing Tool Ever

Contrary to popular belief this isn’t some new tool by Matt or Brad Callen, It’s much closer to home than that in fact it’s sat right between your ears. Yes it’s your brain. For some reason people seem to think that it’s easier to buy the latest tool than to use what they’ve already got.  I will agree that some tools are excellent and deserve all the accolades that they get but even then it seems some people can’t resist placing their brain in the deep freeze while working .

Lets take article rewritng tools as an example, honestly which is easier? looking at a sentance and rewriting it yourself or using a tool to add various synonyms..well lets find out.

Lets grab an original sentance from this post

“For some reason people seem to think that it’s easier to buy the latest tool than to use what they’ve already got.”

Ok lets fire up Brain Mk1 for a few seconds and see what it comes up with.. (not bad for an old tool like mine!)

“I don’t know why but some internet marketers actually think that it’s much easier to spend money on new marketing tools rather than to use a tool that they possess already”

Ok Lets use a nice shiny article re-writer

“As a few basis folks seem to imagine that it’s lighter to acquire the preceding device than to reason anything they’ve previously found.”

..Thats what you get by using artificial intellegence it’s a bit of software it can change the words but it doesn’t know what you or the author is trying to say.

I was going to use another synonym replacement tool but to be honest after 5 minutes I’d  only got to the 4th word and found 37 variations to choose for the word “people”  Try this test yourself grab a random sentance from one of your sites and rewrite it  , then try a paragraph  you’ll soon find that you can do a whole article in about 8 minutes  I know this because I just timed my wife rewriting one of my articles.

Even when it comes to really great tools people just seem to stop thinking. I use Micro Niche Finder to do keyword research as it pulls the best selection of long tail keywords I’ve ever seen. For example last night I found 2 keywords that had over 20000 searches a month and less than 10 competing sites. In our line of business this is gold dust.

The only problem with Micro Niche Finder is that it pulls some of it’s stats from google and if you do too much at once google will block you for a few hours . If you know this then you can work around it. Right?

You get rid of the keywords you obviously don’t want and you lose the ones with only a few searches a month so from 100 initial keywords you can get down to maybe 20 or so then you grab the google stats. To me this seems logical. I wish I had $10 for all the times I hear people saying that the tool is useless because goolge blocks them everytime they use it.

So come on start to use your brain a bit more and stop relying on tools all the time the more you use it the sharper it gets. The sharper it gets the more money you’ll make!

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