Cynical Marketing Or Am I Just Naive

I’ve been recieving emails about Google Nemesis since yesterday and too be honest It looks like a good product. It’s by the team behind Day Job Killer and Google Assassin. In the past there have been some very good tips come out of these products and you can still see thwm being used today, so they must work.

The product seems to be a bit of software that automates and simplifies PPC campaigns and Indicate profitable campaigns. As I said It sounds excellent.

As I was going to buy it I decided to check up on the affiliate tools that they provide with it because if it’s good and works I’ll happily promote it.

It is while checking the Affiliate tools that i found something that concerned me…

Now it may just be that The DJK team are realists and know more about how customers think that I do or it might just be that I am completly naive and think that providing long term value is the way I should do business. Now remembe that the product is a piece of software ..

This is what it said..

Average pay-out: I expect each sale to make you a little over $100 based on our retention stats for Google Assassin. That’s assuming average buyer staying signed up for only 2 months (3-4 months is more likely, but let’s be conservative), and assuming the up-sell converts at 40%. As I say, these figures are very conservative, but you are looking at a very, very substantial recurring income from this.

Am I reading that right they expect the average buyer to stay signed up for only 2 months?? I am fully aware that most people don’t take enough action but If you paid for a tool that does what Google Nemisis promises wouldn’t you stay a member for much longer?

Even if the numbers are conservative surly you should be building software that people will want to use month after month?  As I said previously it may just be that I am completly misunderstanding this and The DJK team are just tring to not hype to potential affiliates but as a prospective buyer It really does make me wary.

What do you think??

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