5 Free Tools To Boost Your Site

Looking back at the last few posts it seems i’ve been a bit Negative and “Preachy ” so to get some balance here is a list of 5 really great tools which will help you get your sites to the next level. The great thing about them is that they are free.  These aren’t listed in any particular order just whichever order I think of them!

1. Ponyfish  www.ponyfish.com

This is a great tool for creating rss feeds from sites that don’t have RSS feeds. Obviuosly if you are using wordpress then you won’t need it (you are distributing your wordpress feeds aren’t you??)  However on some of my sites I’ve added a Html page where I can do comparrision reviews. On these pages I use Ponyfish to create an rss feed and then distribute that.

2. Link Diagnosis  www.linkdiagnosis.com

I love this site, give it a url and it will tell you what back links there are, what anchor text they are using and even which links are no follow/do follow via a nice pie chart. I can’t emphasis just how useful this is if you want to boost your rankings. You can use it on your own site or those of your competitors.

3. Bubbl.  www.bubbl.us I’ve mentioned this before but it really is a great tool so deserves to be mentioned again. Since i’ve started to use Bubbl to track my daily tasks , create plans for sites and track site promotion I have increased the income from the sites i’ve used it on significantly.

4.  Tracking Guru  www.trackingguru.com

This is a great tool to use alongside LinkDiagnosis and Bubbl. It tracks the location of your sites ranking in various search engines for keywords . Allowing you to focus on the poorly performing ones.

For example One of my best performing sites targets 3 keywords  1 is ranked in google at #1 another ranks at #4 and the 3rd ranks at #7.  I can take this information from Tracking Guru, create a plan in Bubble on how to improve the ranking of the 2nd 2 keywords and then monitor the progress of the links and anchor text in Link diagnosis.. And it won’t cost a single penny.

Obviously you can also use it on competitors sites to see how they are ranking for the keywords link diagnosis found (anchor text)

5.  Ok i am going to cheat here I have a few ideas for tools that could go here but I want to hear from you, what are your favorite free tools? Use the comment link below to give me your suggestions and I’ll feature the best tools.

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Hi Mark,

I do not have anything to exciting to add towards the list. I still have more work to do to uncover my skills but did want to say thanks to you for this list of helpful resources.


How to earn money from the Internet

First time I heard about LinkDiagnosis and Tracking Guru.

So, thanks for sharing the info



Cool stuff! btw, also checkout Feedity – http://feedity.com – I use it a lot these days for creating custom RSS feeds from various webpages. It is simple to use and gives great results. Hope it helps! Chao 🙂


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