Mark’s Monday Make Money Online Tip #2

By Mark / July 21, 2008

It’s monday so it’s time for another tip. I thought today i’d concentrate on website promotion.  In particular planning the promotion of your site so that you get the best possible return for the time you put in.

When most people promote their sites they will submit them to lots of socialbookmarking sites, distribute articles, create hubpages and maybe a squidoo lens. All in the space of a few hours then move onto the next project. This is not how you should do it. Google and the other search engines like link building to look natural to achieve that you should take you time with promotion and build it slowly.

This doesn’t mean that your site can’t generate lots of visitors in the first week or two it just means that you have to be sensible in the type of promotion you do at the start.

There are 2 types of promotion that you do, link building and visitor attraction. mass article submission and socialbookmarking will generally get you backlinks. Ezinearticles, hubpages, squidoo and certain social media sites will get you visitors.  Guess what you should focus on to start with??

I hope you answered visitor attraction!

The first stage of promotion of any site should be aimed at getting visitors to your site this means submitting articles to ezinearticles with the right keywords, right title and right summary to attract readers and a good conclusion and resource box which get a 20-30% clickthrough rate.  Creating a Hubpage and/or a squidoo lens. Using Digg or Stumbleupon. look at most niches and you’ll find an ezinearticle, a hubpage and a maybe a squidoo lens towards the top of the rankings.

If you do this right there is no reason why you can’t attract hundreds of visitors to your site in the first few weeks.

Once you have traffic then start to use link building promotion methods to generate backlinks…Naturally


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