Outsourcing – It Really Can Work!

By Mark / March 31, 2011

I love it when my members go and prove to me what an idiot I’ve been!

I am sure by now that everyone knows that you can increase your income by using outsourcers. It doesn’t matter if you are only earning $100 a month If you put aside $20 for outsourcing that can help to double or treble your income.

The problem is if you don’t do it right you can give yourself more problems than you solve.

Back in August 2009 I did a month long outsourcing experiment that turned out to be quite sucessful for me.(I’ll add links for the 5 posts documenting it at the end of this post) the problem was that a short while after after the experiment I realized that I was spending a lot of time just managing my team.

I’d replaced doing the grunt work with a management role and I still wasn’t getting the projects I wanted to work on done.

Since then i’ve used outsourcing a few times each time my income increased but I gave up because it was just a nightmare to manage.

Scroll Forward to last November and my seminar In Vegas.

On the 3rd day we were finishing off and we had an hour left to fill so I asked some of the people there to tell us what they were doing with their businesses that was different.

Heather, who has been a customer of mine for about 2 years stood up and started to tell us about how she was outsourcing and how sucessful it was, she got bombarded by questions as almost everyone there had tried outsourcing and had given up. It became clear that Heather had an angle on outsourcing that most people ignore.

Heather realizes that good outsourcers are an asset and like all good assests the more you put into it the better the return.

Several of us told her that she should write a report about it, and eventually after constant nagging she has produced a report that I wish i’d had 2 years ago. I would have done the experiment in a completly different way.

She has called the report Internet Outsourcing Mastery forget all the products that promise you instant riches and money for nothing, this is a no fluff no filler blueprint that will show you:

How to Find an Outsourcer
How to Interview your Outsourcers
How to Train Your Outsourcers
And Importantly How To Manage them so that you can concentrate on what really matters in your business.

Just follow the guide and do exactly what she recommends and you will have a worker who is adding to the value of your business. Heather released the guide to members of WPG a few days ago and already we have members who are at the interview stage and are choosing their new employees. (That’s called taking action!!…it works)

I can’t recommend Heather’s Guide highly enough and in fact I gave her a testimonial as I learned so much from it. In the past i’ve purchased expensive outsourcing guides and even monthly subscription courses about outsourcing this is better as it comes from someone doing outsourcing every day and making money as a result.

It’s really has changed one aspect of how I do business …but that is a post for next week or the week after!!

Read More About Internet Outsourcing Mastery

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Mark Pocock

Good article Mark. We’ve just started using Fiverr to outsource backlinking for our sites. The cost is rediculously low. So be interesting to see what happens.



Thanks for posting this article, Mark. My local SEO business is starting to take-off and I’ve been considering outsourcing some of the work. I want to avoid the problems that you experienced, so I just bought Heather’s book. I haven’t read it yet, but for the low cost it’s got to be of help. Again, thanks.

Rick C.


Shane Garrison

Thanks Mark,

Yes I currently use odesk as well, like you said it can be nightmare or it can be a huge asset.



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