EzineArticles Express Service & Bad Practices

By Mark / August 1, 2008

I am going to cover 2 things in this post one really good thing and one thing that really winds me up. Lets look at the good side of things first.

Out of the blue today I got an email from ezinearticles saying that I had been given access to the express articles service that they are shortly to launch. So i thought I’d better test how good it was. I always keep a folder full of articles for submission so I chose 2 and submitted them to ezinearticles.

It can’t have been anymore than 5 or 6 minutes later that I got an email telling me that the articles had been accepted. Now that is an excellent service, I’ll keep testing it at different times over the next few weeks and see if they keep this excellent standard.

This is going to be an excellent service when it comes to launching sites and promoting affiliate products from your blogs. One of the key part of any business is the time it takes to get a product to market. With article marketing this looks like is going to be minutes or hours rather than days now!

Now we’ll get onto something I hate and I hope that Google soon clamps down on. This is the now common practice of creating an Adwords ad that says  “Project X Is a scam”

I just went looking for an example and i came across this,”

“Bloggin To The Bank Sucks

Don’t Be Stupid Like Me
Learn Why Its Just Another Scam!”

Blogging to the bank is actually a rival product to my WordPress Goldmine but none the less , marketers shouldn’t be allowed to make statements like this , It’s not a scam and very few books on clickbank or elsewhere are , If they were they would soon disappear as everyone would get a refund.

I don’t believe that the advert could be placed in a newspaper so why should google allow it?

There is someone advertising WordPress goldmine using a similar method the ad says

WordPress Goldmine?

W.P Goldmine ™ a Scam?
The Truth Will Shock You!

Well at least they were kind enough to add a question mark, but the really weird thing about this is they redirect directly to my site.. Huh??  Suggest a product might be a scam and then link to the site?  At the very least it should go to a review site where you either tell people it’s not a scam or provide them with an alternative product.

This method used to work when one or 2 people were doing it, now that every man and his dog is trying to make sales by calling a product a scam it’s not going to work as well as it did.

As my grandmother used to say, if you can’t say anything good about a product don’t say anything at all.

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