PLR Articles- The case against

By Mark / August 11, 2006

I used to belong to a number of PLR article sites but after I while I noticed a few things.

1. I only used a very small percentage of the articles I recieved every month

2. The niches they targetted were very broad

3. Most people don’t even bother to change them.

4. If you do change them it takes just as long as writing a new article

All this got me thinking about why I used PLR articles and I really couldn’t find a convincing reason to keep paying for memberships to the PLR sites. To take a PLR article and rewrite it properly is no different than finding a related article on ezinearticles or somewhere similar and rewriting that to get yourself a unique article.

I found that the niches tended to be very broad and were therefore hard to make much money from them. When I choose a niche I tend to choose a small niche with a decent amount of searches and not much competition. This means that with a bit of work I can create a site and get it ranking well quite easily. This means Income is usually pretty good even if the search terms don’t pay well. A recent site I build Is already getting 200 impressions a day and maybe 40 or 50 clicks daily within 3 weeks.

PLR articles can tend to stifle creativity , you wait for your monthly supply then create sites based around those topics. By writing my own articles I can target any niche that comes along within a few hours. For example I found a really under targettted niche 2 days ago. Yesterday I registered a domain and passed details of the niche to Allison (my wife) she did some research and within 2 hours had produced 5 original articles which I used to create the site , those original articles have then been recycled into 10 more original articles which will be distributed as part of the traffic building process.

Most people buy PLR articles because they don’t think they can write articles, they get faced by a blank page and freeze. Don’t try to write a complete article concentrate on writing 1 paragraph at a time you only need to write 400-500 words gather as many facts about the subject as you can then weave them into the article. You’ll soon find that you can write articles in under 30 minutes….go on give it a go

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Writing articles is often difficult especially if you have already written ten or fifteen articles on a particular theme. However, I think that if you start by putting down a title that is relevant to your niche then putting a bullet point for each of the paragraphs in the article it helps. This gives you something to get going with. I am glad that I learned to touch type many years ago as this gives you quite an advantage when you are aiming to produce four or five articles a day as a minimum!


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