It’s All About The Relationship Baby!…Nothing More Nothing Less

It’s just after 6 am on a sunday morning and I am sat here writing this blog post cause there was no way I was getting back to sleep until I put it on paper.

It’s already 24c/75f and in the background I can hear the dog gently snoring…or is it my wife ..not sure.

So what so important? …. Relationships.

I am not talking about our everyday relationships with family and friends but the relationships with our IM customers.

So what brought this on?

I released a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) last week and I had lots of positive comments but a few stood out. My favorite ones were about the salesletter and how it immediately connected with people . Was it a long hyped sales letter? no It was actually about 22 lines and 1 video when I wrote it initially, I’ve since added excerpts of peoples comments to it.

The reason I wrote it that short was that I hate long sales letters, and I hate hype. I wrote what i’d like to read, just the facts and no hype.

My theory about copywriting is that we write for our peer group. When a guru sits down to write a long form sales letter with lots of big banner headlines , social proof, scarcity 7 pages and lots of graphics etc, he isn’t writing for his customers he’s writing it for other Guru’s who he hopes will take the content of the salesletter and distill it down to a short series of emails and that will then do the selling to us.

Likewise when I write I write for my peer group, I write what I want to see.

Where this goes wrong is when Joe Public comes along see’s the long form salesletter and thinks thats the norm and copies the style.

It’s the same if you are emailing out subscribers, Joe Guru has 100,000 subscribers, he is happy if 0.5% of them buys a product he is recommending as he will make 500 sales. So he doesn’t think twice about sending out a hyped up email. So what if he loses 10% of his subscribers from that 1 email more will be along in a minute.

Joe Average see’s this and thinks It’s how to email people so he does the same to his 1000 strong list then wonders why he only made 5 sales and lost 100 subscribers.

If you were talking to a friend about a new product would you tell him, it’s the greatest product that’s ever been created and it will change his life? Or would you tell him that is a pretty good product and it might be useful to him? I bet it would be the 2nd.

I have a few golden rules about my relationship with my customers and subscribers.

The first is, write for myself, write what I would like to receive or see.

The second is always make sure that if I meet a customer I can look him or her in the eye and know I treated them properly.

Nothing should be stronger than your relationship with your customers or potential customers including the desire for money, it’s your biggest asset don’t misuse it.

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