Monday Tip – Stickibility – Now Is Not The Time To Give Up

Over the past few months I’ve heard lots of people start to get very disillusioned with Internet Marketing. Rampaging Panda’s, Google Slaps, Customers who think that it’s acceptable to ask for a refund no matter how much they like the product. (Hi Mark Loved the product, but I’m not going to have time to do anything for a few weeks as I am going on Vacation so can I have a refund… yes seriously I got an email like that!).

I’ve heard people say “Internet marketing is just a scam, the only people who make money are the guru’s ” There are a whole lot of reasons why people are getting disillusioned. But let me tell you something this is not new!

5 years or so ago I had  about 200 sites that were earning me $5000 a month de-indexed from google overnight One day I was earning $170 from Adsense the next I was lucky to get $17 (Thanks Yahoo!)Yet 5 years later I am still here and earning much more why?

Because I simply refused to give up!

Have you ever watched the Shawshank Redemption, It took Andy (Tim Robbins) 19 years to dig the tunnel with a small rock hammer. Me,  I am more practical I’l use a sledgehammer and keep hitting that wall until it comes down.

Internet marketing is a wall a big thick wall that often seems impenetrable , you just need to keep pounding away until you break throughout keep working at it and it’s impossible to fail. Keep pounding away day after day and You will succeed , it’s impossible not to.  It’s like having 5 dice and trying to throw 5 sixes, you might get it on the first throw or the tenth or maybe the one thousandth…but sooner or later you will get it if you stick at it.

Here is an example of how I failed and stuck at it even when I was despairing of ever making sales or even giving away stuff for free!

I’ve sold some products via The warrior special offer forum in the past 2 years.

The first I gave away for free (big mistake btw!) I gave away about 20 copies….  Failure  But I didn’t give up

The second I gave away for free again (Didn’t learn my lesson)  I gave away 40 still a failure But I didn’t give up.

The 3rd I sold 114 copies and made over $1000.  Not so much of a failure this time. I’d learned from the last 2 (this was actually a repackaged version of the 2nd wso i’d done)

The 4th I sold 463 copies.  I added to this from what I learned from the previous 3 WSO’s

The 5th that I launch just over a week ago has so far sold over 640 copies (List building Debunked )
EDIT: SEO Debunked the follow up to list building debunked sold over 1000 copies!

It’s the same with whatever I try, for example email marketing when I started using email to market I struggled to make any money from my lists, but as time went on and I saw what didn’t work I started to zero in on what did work, after a while emails that might have earned me $50 were suddenly earning me $500. I’ll never stop learning because i’ll never give up.

Try to keep learning and constantly improving what you do, model yourself on other marketers and try to improve on what they do.

The key to being successful in Internet Marketing is often not to go and buy everything marketers try to sell you, (Hey guys look ..Mark’s committing IM suicide!) But to watch at how they try to sell it to you, this will often be more valuable than the product.

If you find they do it in a way that you don’t like then don’t do it like that, if you like how they do it then see if you can use that method on your sites. very often methods used in selling products will work well on your own websites.

If your site suddenly drops from ranking 3rd in google to 303rd don’t sit there telling the world google hates you (they probably do BTW!) go and look what is now in 3rd place what has that site got that yours doesn’t what are they doing differently.

Don’t give up, success might just be around the corner

Let me have your comments, I would love to hear about your successes and failures or how you turned failure into success, it will help someone keep on track.

Oh and check out List Building Debunked .. I am giving 50% instant commission via Digiresults or Warrior Plus

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