Internet Marketing – The Way Forward?

By Mark / September 8, 2008

Internet marketing is a very young business, and is still finding it’s feet. For example look at your average IM sales letter, it is pretty much a copy of the type of direct selling that has been used in direct mail over the past 50 years.

Recently there have been subtle changes the addition of video and audio (radio ads and infomercials?) but it still has a long way to go before it develops into it’s own well defined unique marketing system. This is not to say whats being done now is wrong, virtually every new business type has started by copying it’s older rivals .

Another aspect of how an internet marketing business is run is the outsourcing of work. Outsourcing makes it seem relatively cheap to get work done. Suppose I want to build a new site on a Niche what do I need to do to have it outsourced.

Suppose I want 20 articles written on the niche .  I sit down at home , compile a list of keywords, send them off to a writer, who writes them sends them back a few days later. If I am lucky I can use them as they are or them may need some tweaks for this I’ve paid $160.

It’s the same If I want some graphics created for a site or a wordpress theme designed. I complile a spec sheet, send it off pay my $100 3 days later I have a set of graphics.

I want you to now consider something that many people consider as heresy, setting up an office and employing staff and interns.

If i want to get that same site set up..I call my graphics guy and my writer in to the office and tell them I want a site built on the following niche. By the end of the day I’ll have several articles and the theme will be ready. I am not sure what the wages for staff/interns are but they shouldn’t be too much more than I’ve paid the outsourcers.

I can then pass this on to the person responsible for building links and ensuring that the sites rank as high as possible in google.

By setting up my own office just like old style businesses have I have immediatly speeded up the creation of projects and sites and more than likely the profitability. I can also offer professional outsourcing to fill any time that my staff aren’t busy. Imagine being able to offer professional style outsourcing, provide a phone line for clients so they can order over the phone , give the client a phone number so the clients and writers can actually talk on the phone. Hell they can come and visit if they wanted! You could even set up your office and as a sideline provide desks, house services & training to internet marketers, just like some companies do for day traders

Imagine having an idea while driving to work, then as you step in through the door calling your graphics guy and your adwords guy togehter and telling them that within an hour you wanted a series of adwords and and landing pages for product X.  I had an idea for the samething 3 weeks ago, I still haven’t managed to get the landing pages outsourced!

Think about it for a while…yes the overheads are higher but the income and income possibilities are much higher.You have fixed costs each month so you know you need to earn $3000 that month with the staff and systems in place you can just as easlily build 100 sites a month as you can build 1 site a month. You can buy established sites and develop them to their full potential.

Do you think EzineArticles would be as important as they are today if they didn’t all work out of an office.What about Google? Where would they be if the owners didn’t see the big picture and stayed in their home studies.

Think about it, do the maths then start small with a sublet office and 1 or 2 staff and expand.

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