Looking at Internet Marketing With a Fresh Pair Of Eyes

By Mark / August 20, 2011


There is a big difference between the way people go about their IM Businesses. At each end of the spectrum you have completely different styles, Some sit down and research a niche obsessively for weeks before they even attempt to build a site. Others will see a site on flippa or while doing a bit of browsing and immediately build a similar site.


In between those two are the majority of us. However we still differ widely in our approaches. some of us start by analyzing what we know about the niche we’ve chosen others will see a hot product and just dive in and create a site with very little if any research. If thats you then listen up… you are making a huge mistake.


When I first started with IM I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I darted around niches like they were going out of fashion, one days i’d build a site on weight loss the next day it would be a site about acne, the next a site about hairless replacement. Why all those niches ?/ because they were “hot” everyone was doing them so they must be good..right?  Wrong!


Luckily I soon started to realize that I was making a big mistake by chasing the so called hot niches so I made a conscientious  decision to actually create sites about what i knew about and promote things that I needed and that i bought. Without knowing it I’d started to do market research.  Looking at my successful sites at the moment and almost every single one is a site about something myself and my wife know about or are passionate about and each one is one that we have done market research on.


Seven or eight months ago, I was out for a sunday afternoon beer with Andre Chaperon and his wife and they had some friends with them, Mark Acutt and his wife. You might not recognize Marks name immediately but he is the guy who knew nothing about IM that Andre coached In the Affiliate Bully product a few years back.  Myself and Mark A got to chatting and we had a lot of similar views about IM and IM products in particular..namely most of them sucked and did nothing to really help people master IM.


A few weeks later we decided to do something about it. Mark had a successful product called the Cash Bootstrap Method that taught IM so we took this and broke it down to the absolute basics. We then started to build it up layer by layer. Making sure we covered everything.


For example there are sections on


Market Research


Social Media



Email Marketing

Business Plans


On top of that there are case studies which take all the different sections and show you how they all come together.


This course has take over 6 months to put together and we’ve left no stone unturned.  Because we want you to be successful we have decided to distribute the training every few days using a system called distributed learning. This method ensures that you have time to study the particularly section you get then complete any tasks and then ask us any questions before you get the next section…this makes it much easier to follow and ensures that the course doesn’t just gather digital dust on your hard drive.


We are sure you’ll be impressed with the quality of the content but don’t take our words for it. You can access the first 2 lessons for free at http://cbminsiders.com/


Check out the first 2 lessons and let me know what you think!

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