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Welcome to my blog. My name is Mark Thompson, I have been a full time Internet Marketer Since 2005.

I’ve been married since 1984 and have an 20 year old daughter who thinks that Internet marketing is weird!

She may just be right!

In 2005 due to an unfortunate set of circumstances I found myself in a foreign country without any form of income and no way of getting a job. As a family we were pretty screwed.

Luckily for me while looking for ways of making money I came across an article about Internet marketing and a link to a Forum. I joined it and spent the first 2 days reading every thread in there. On the 3rd day I created a plan to build a network of sites (at this point I couldn’t ftp and didn’t know how to create a blog) On the 4th day I started to build sites and learn as much as I could.

For 12 weeks I worked 16 hours a day, every day. I did everything I could to make money, wrote articles for people, built sites for people for $10 a site. At the same time I continued to build and research 1 or 2 sites a day for myself.

By the end of my 5th month online i’d managed to create myself a $4000 a month income, my first $20,000 month came 2 months later.

WordPress Goldmine was the first product I created and the book and videos lays out exactly what I did to make the $20,000. I have since moved on and my focus is now email marketing and traffic generation. I like nothing more than to work out new ways of driving targeted traffic.

Internet marketing hasn’t always been plain sailing, regular slaps from google and mistakes on my behalf have made it a struggle at times, but I always refused to give up. So long as you learn from your mistakes and continue working you will make it online..it’s impossible to fail.

I fully believe that you should have a number of streams of Income and I spend a large part of my time testing various methods of generating income. Although I still have 50 sites and continue to promote and build sites my main focus in on building communities based around my products and ensuring everyone who purchases a product that I’ve created gets value.

If you are interested in Internet marketing why now try my “Do Awesome!” 30 day challenge?

If you have any questions you can submit them to my support desk and i’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Support Desk

Good Luck with whatever you do .


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