Take a Look At My Results


This is an email I sent to my list today, you can join my list at the bottom of the page if you don't want to feel you are missing out We are all voyeurs at heart. We love to peek through the curtains and see what other people are doing. There were a couple of people having a stupid argument about something trivial in town the other night and you could see people straining the ligaments in their ears trying to listen. It was actually funnier watching people who were intensely interested in what was happening pretending not to be interested. We are naturally curious in what other … [Read more...]

Facebook Ads – You are doing them wrong


Somethings change the world forever, the invention of electricity, antibiotics, television, the internet. If you are an internet marketer Facebook ads should be in the list. It killed Google's near monopoly and allowed everyone from the stay at home mom to big corporations to get their message in front of their ideal target audience. The mixture of demographic and Psychograpic targeting is a real winner. I can put my advert in from of my ideal audience 25/7 365. Imagine you are a Personal trainer in Austin Texas You want to target women, aged 30-44 who own their own business … [Read more...]

There Is Nothing New In Marketing


Do any of you recognise this process? 1. You Make a Shocking Statement to get Attention 2. You Pose the Problem 3. You Offer a Solution 4. You List the Benefits of Action If you do recognise it then you will probably say it's the formula for a sales page or sales email. You would be technically right but what it actually is is the formula that Aristole taught to orators back in ancient Greece 2500 years ago. Nothing Changes! If you want to make sales today you should be following the same principles and formula Problem. Promise Proof Price. This can be applied … [Read more...]

The Doctor is In the House


I've just come off of the most intense week of my IM life. I spent a few days coaching some of our members then it was the turn of the Fitness professionals with Paul Mort's mastermind group. It was a non-stop carousel of beer and business. I wouldn't have had it any other way. The striking thing for me was the difference in mindset I see in online and offline marketers. I think the difference is the fact that offline marketers have already built a business and know that taking action = getting results. In Portugal in March I gave one guy a simple tip that we use and that I've … [Read more...]

The Death of Websites?

Game over

The Post below is an email I sent out to my list today. This isn't link bait or an attempt to create a viral post through controversy, I just really want people to think about the role that websites play in their IM business.  ( I am fully aware of the irony of posting this on my blog! ) All I ask is that you read it with an open mind and let me know what you think. One of the things that I've been thinking about recently is the place that websites play in our businesses. By website I mean a collection of pages not just a 1 or 2 page site with a sales page or landing page. It's … [Read more...]

Got to Love Action Takers!


I've just got back from Portugal where I was speaking at Europe's most exclusive seminar for Fitness Pro's. The strange thing is despite all the amazing feedback I got from the guys there I actually feel that I benefitted just as much as they did. Sitting there in some of the mastermind sessions where they stood up and spoke about the bits of their businesses that were working well was an eye opener. Some of the ideas from the other attendee's about what could be done to improve other parts of the businesses were equally eye opening. Not one person left the seminar without having … [Read more...]

13 Successive Failures Leads to $2000 Per week

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 14.00.21

Unlucky 13! My business partner Pete has just got back from his 6 week jaunt to South Africa. Last night was the first time we've been able to have a strategy meeting since christmas. So I asked how things were going with his personal projects. "Not bad man, did almost $2000 in teeshirt sales last week" Yahdidwah? (That's what came out of my mouth as I was trying to swallow some sweet sweet chocolate) "Yeah I am now getting almost every campaign to Tip" Tip, is when a teeshirt campaign sells the number of teeshirts you set for it. That means it's going into production. I … [Read more...]