Got to Love Action Takers!


I've just got back from Portugal where I was speaking at Europe's most exclusive seminar for Fitness Pro's. The strange thing is despite all the amazing feedback I got from the guys there I actually feel that I benefitted just as much as they did. Sitting there in some of the mastermind sessions where they stood up and spoke about the bits of their businesses that were working well was an eye opener. Some of the ideas from the other attendee's about what could be done to improve other parts of the businesses were equally eye opening. Not one person left the seminar without having … [Read more...]

13 Successive Failures Leads to $2000 Per week

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 14.00.21

Unlucky 13! My business partner Pete has just got back from his 6 week jaunt to South Africa. Last night was the first time we've been able to have a strategy meeting since christmas. So I asked how things were going with his personal projects. "Not bad man, did almost $2000 in teeshirt sales last week" Yahdidwah? (That's what came out of my mouth as I was trying to swallow some sweet sweet chocolate) "Yeah I am now getting almost every campaign to Tip" Tip, is when a teeshirt campaign sells the number of teeshirts you set for it. That means it's going into production. I … [Read more...]

Why You Need To Provide a Service

Provide a service

Yesterday I sent an email to my subscribers which gave ideas for providing a simple service that you can sell to create Cashflow. When I first started in IM I build small simple Adsense sites for people, this covered my living costs while I worked on my business. I would not have survived as a marketer without it. I can't remember how much I charged but it wasn't much, because I knew once the client saw the quality of the site then they would stick with me and continue to order. I could then add further services. If someone has a website, they need content, they need seo, they need … [Read more...]

Facebook Marketing Is Maturing


Facebook Marketing is Maturing. I spend a lot of time using Facebook to generate traffic and leads. I also monitor as many Facebook products as possible to see what direction things are going. When I say monitoring thats a polite way to say I buy products..lots of products. (don't tell my wife but the total on FB products is approaching $500 this month with more to come!) Many of these products are rehashed and to be honest give no more information than anything myself and Pete have created. But this is all part of investing in my business so it's a necessary evil. Over the past … [Read more...]

Video- 4 Apps and Tools I Use Daily

think like a startup

During the past week I've been emailing my list with details of the apps, tools and methods I use to get stuff done. Quite often it's difficult to focus on one IM task at a time but by prioritising and using tools that make you life easier you can get a lot done in a very short space of time. If you are still working a "real Job" I advocate splitting your time in to 3 25 minute slots each day and focusing on one task in that time period. During that period the only thing you do is the task at hand. You'll be surprised at what you can achieve. If you think that method is for you , … [Read more...]

The Processes and Tricks I Use to be Productive


This week I want to try something a little bit different with my emails I am going to focus on the tools and processes I use on a day to day basis. Over the years i've managed to become far more productive that I used to be. I can create a product or build a funnel in a day should I need to and this is generally down to having a simple system in place and using applications that help my productivity A big part of my workflow is possible because I try to keep things simple and I use a series of apps and applications which help streamline the processes. The word of the week … [Read more...]

2 Step Internet Marketing

Making Choices

Internet marketing is easy if you avoid the bull and focus on the simple things that matter. In today's email I wrote about how my subscribers should avoid writing anything new this week and focus on repurposing older content.. Leverage what you already have. Never Miss A Blog Post... If you do this often enough then you'll save a hell of a lot of time during the week that you can use for other cash generating tasks. The following is from an article I wote almost 7 years ago and it's still valid today (see i practice what I preach!) Many people get overwhelmed by the whole … [Read more...]