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Internet Marketing 101

On this blog there are over 500 posts stretching back about 5 years, A few weeks ago I did a quick calculation that there are almost as many words in here than in 2 mainstream marketing books.

Given that fact If you take the room full of monkeys and typewrites metaphor then surely I must have written some interesting and useful posts along the way.

The idea of this page and several other that I’ll create in the future along  loose themes is that it will give you somewhere to start and a selection of posts you might find useful.

The Theme of this Page is :  Internet marketing 101 or things you should know before you start trying to make money online.

Below are 5 articles that will give you a grounding in the principles of Internet Marketing. The posts cover topics as diverse as focusing on the bits of your business that actually make you money (or will do in the future) , why you should look further afield than places like the warrior forum, avoiding shiny object syndrome and why the first things you should do is to set up a personal blog and start to build a list.


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Thank you enjoy the posts.


Do The Stuff That makes You Money



 Look Around for Inspiration



 Provide More Consume Less



 Building a Personal Blog 









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