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I have currently stopped the one to one mentoring for a number of reasons, the main one being that I have added everything I was teaching into WordPress Goldmine. With  the forum you have access to a large number of knowledgeable people who were once in the same situation you are now.  Give it a try i promise you won’t regret it!

However I am still doing coaching in person. This was originally only available to WPG members. The deal is that you either come to stay in spain for 3 days (I can stretch this to 4 if necessary) you then get personal coaching and business development advice from me.  The cost of this is €500

Alternativly I am more than happy to come to you, I would however suggest that you get a group of 3 or 4 and find a location we can work from. If you would like to talk aout this email me.

mark * at* wpgoldmine.com

Over the past few years I have been asked if I would give coaching and mentoring to various people. This has always been done on an informat basis. I recently decided to formalise this and have launched a mentoring program.

You’ve probably noticed that many marketers offer coaching /mentoring programs that usually cost something ridiculous like $500 or $250 per month and they structure it so that you need to pay for several months. They also restrict it to “only 50 members” I loath this business model as it rewards the mentor for not teaching in a quick and structured manner. It also means that each student is working from the same teaching materials regardless of ability or strengths.  As far as I am concerned mentoring is about the person being mentored and coached NOT the mentor!  For those reasons I only take on a few customers at a time.

The aim of the mentoring program will be to help you to develop a number of income streams and allow you to apply what you learn to future projects.

Where possible we’ll work together using the tools you already have and free tools so there shouldn’t be any further costs (apart from hosting if you don’t already have it).

The process is very simple and can be done either with email or Skype or a combination of both. Although I have found that email works best for most people.  We’ll first discuss what you want to achieve, what resources and tools you already have, what short term targets you have and what long term targets etc.

We’ll then come up with a plan together. This is important as I’ve found that people tend to carry through with a plan if they have had significant input rather than just me saying “hey do this..”

So, for example if we decide that you should target affiliate marketing and site flipping we’ll first concentrate on building the first affiliate site. We won’t just concentrate on the standard affiliate marketing/Adsense practices as we may find that you have the potential to provide a service to other marketers. One person I’ve mentored in the past has a $6,000 a month business providing a service to other marketers.

Once we come up with an achievable plan for you I’ll give you advice and tips along the way and show you how to do each step.  Then once that first site is completed we’ll look at a second project.

On the second project I’ll take more of a back seat and just make sure that you have grasped all the principles and that you are happy with the processes involved.  Once you are happy and confident in that 1st income stream we can then move on to others and I’ll show you how you can apply what you’ve already learned to other types of sites and projects.


Mark Thompson’s Income Academy Mentoring Program has far exceeded all my expectations.   When I joined the program,  I had no prior knowledge of Affiliate Marketing techniques.   In one month’s time, through working with Mark, I learned how to do keyword research,  found a niche as well as a product for that niche,  built a WordPress blog and started the promotion process using tactics Mark has shown me.   I would have never been able to have come this far in such a short period of time without Mark’s one-on-one guidance.    There are lots of so called Internet Marketing gurus out there who say they will show you what to do, or that they’ll work with you personally to help you, but they don’t.   Mark is the REAL DEAL!   He worked with me on my level, from the initial stages of developing a plan of action through implementation of each step. If you are looking for a true mentor, Mark Thompson is the only one you’ll need.

Roz Carlson

Tampa, FL

There is no time limit to the mentoring, we work at your pace. From past experience participants may be earning a good income within with a month or two with others it will take longer. That doesn’t matter this isn’t a race.

The cost will be a onetime payment of $167

The number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 7 at any one time as this is an easy number to manage and ensures that I can provide you with the best service possible.

For further details and if you have any questions please email me at admin@income-academy.com



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