Google Publisher Plugin – Adsense and Analytics

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 09.54.54

Late yesterday google released it's new Adsense and Analytics plugin. You can now manage Adsense and Analytics from within your wordpress blogs. Adding Adsense is literally a click of a mouse button, as is checking stats. It's very easy to set up and use.. Why Not Also Check out my Inner Circle? A One Time Annual Payment of $27 gets you access to: Past and future products (18 listed at the moment) Access to the Facebook group PLUS new for 2014 access to mini groups of 5-10 people working towards a single target.. 100 wso sales, build a list of 1000, make 10 affiliate sales … [Read more...]

Lets get back To Basics – Keep it Simple

Get back to basics

We humans are perverse creatures we all seem to have a tendency to take the easiest most simple things and then try to make them difficult. Creating a niche site isn't difficult, Seo isn't difficult , Keyword research isn't difficult so why do we all (myself included) make things so difficult that we sometimes struggle to get it right? What's difficult about creating a site? Install Wordpress with a few clicks of a button, add a simple theme , add some plugins that do things we need then add content.  Voila that's it... why the hell did I then spend 2 hours yesterday getting a header in … [Read more...]

Podcast Ep2 – Interview With Adsense Flippers

Podcast interview

Today I had the real pleasure of interviewing Justin and Joe from These guys are masters at building AdSense sites on an industrial basis then flipping them a few months later for up to 25 times the income. A quick glance at their Flippa account shows multiple $2000-$3000 paydays.  If you think thats impressive well there is more, they are happy to share their techniques and methods with everyone. You can check out their site at AdsenseFlippers  and if you want to check out what sites they have for sale then have a look at the "Buy Our Sites" … [Read more...]

Why I am Changing My Business Model


Can you imagine going to one of your AdSense sites and seeing no ads appearing? Then going to another and seeing the same, and another , and another? How would you feel? Well this is what happened to me earlier this week. On over 100 sites Not 1 AdSense ad was appearing. How did I feel? Elated! Yes seriously and that feeling shocked me. I felt elated because the first thing that went through my mind was that I was finally free of having to update my sites, free of having to worry about what google was doing. That feeling shocked me as I had never thought about my beloved AdSense … [Read more...]

Can You Do It – YES You Can

In the last few months I've been lucky enough to actually meet many of my customers in a social setting, usually sat around a big table with a few beers just chatting. The amount of information that gets shared in these environments is amazing. Every Time I've done this I've come away knowing far more than I did before I sat down. If you get a chance to network with people take the opportunity you won't regret it. You'll learn more about Internet Marketing and how to make money online that in any guru's $2000 POC (Pile of Crap). (If you are a member of WPG or Beyond Commission check out … [Read more...]

Asdense Reborn? Why I am Once Again Building Adsense Sites

Anyone who knows me of who has read my posts or ebooks will know that I started off in internet marketing by building lots of Adsense sites. At one point I had over 1 million pages indexed with nothing but an article or scraped content and Adsense ads on them. I was not particularly proud of the sites but when they are earning you over $4000 each month you tend to over look the aesthetic value of the sites. Especially when you had no income a few months before that. After a while I moved away from Adsense and mass produced sites and concentrated on good quality sites selling products … [Read more...]