A Sunday Morning Quickie


When will I ever learn? I try never to buy stuff late at night, because if it's bad I wake up regretting the purchase and if it's good I sometimes can't sleep. Last night was a can't sleep night. I went to sleep at 1.30am and was awake again at 3.30 with my mind buzzing with ideas. You know how I really like click jacker? (the plugin that allows me to overlay signup boxes and images over any page I want). Well the tool I bought takes it even further. I can overlay videos over any site. The reason I couldn't sleep was I was thinking of so many ways to use it. Not only … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing – Earning Commission From Free Reports

Affiliate marketing lifetime cookies

For a long time I've wanted to reward affiliates for giving away free reports. The usual way of doing it is to set up separate reports with separate affiliate links and separate squeeze pages. Even after all that hard work the affiliate won't make any commission on future sales. However that has now changed. My ideal scenario is... The affiliate sends his subscribers or readers to my free report.  They then join my list and somewhere down the line after they have seen the value in what I teach and show them they buy a product.  The original affiliate then earns … [Read more...]

Monday Tip – Affiliate Marketing – You Are Doing It Wrong

affiliate sniper

Hands up If you go about affiliate Marketing the following way.. 1. Find a product 2. Set up a Blog 3 Write a review 4. generate traffic 5. Sit back and wonder why you didn't sell any Most marketers generally have no idea about how to make affiliate sales,  which is strange as they have everything they need to be successful between their 2 ears. It's time to change your approach affiliate marketing and by "thinking smaller" you will make more sales. Ask yourself what was the last affiliate product you bought and why did you buy it? (I don't mean wso's or stuff you've … [Read more...]

Internet Marketers – How much Is your Soul Worth?

Today I was going to write a post that follows up from last Mondays Post and talked about exactly how much my business has changed in the last year soley because of working on the part of my business that was profitable...but that can wait. I am angry, really angry, you know that anger when you want to smash a cup off the wall or scream really loudly, that's how angry I am and it's been buIlding up for the past 12 hours. So hopefully this post will help me calm down. I thought I'd seen it all in IM, unwritten products selling for $2000 then being rolled out over 10 weeks to give the … [Read more...]

5 Truths About Internet Marketing

One of my favorite speeches from any film is Jack Nicholson's from A Few Good Men Kaffee: I want the truth Col Jessop: You Can't Handle The truth So as a warning I am going to brutally honest in this post and if you don't want the truth or can't handle the truth then please go and watch some funny clips on You Tube and continue dreaming about your bright future in Internet marketing, because that is what it will be a dream. Truth #1 You can't go straight from $0 to $10,000 a month. Despite what many people will have you believe it's just not going to happen. You can however go … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing-It’s a Business!

3 weeks in to the year have you actually made progress towards your targets? You have set target haven't you? If you have well done , if you haven't come on get with the program! Internet marketing is a business if you want to make money online then you need to think like a businessman (or business woman!). Take responsibility for your actions, get a business plan together, play to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. By doing this you will maximise your chances of succeeding. If you fail there is no one else to blame but yourself. However there is no reason why you should fail if … [Read more...]

Make April Getting Back to Basics Month

This Isn't some sort of Aprils fools joke, I am deadly serious. We are all trying to be too clever with out Internet Marketing Businesses. I want to make April the month where we all get back to basics and use the methods we know work. This has all been brought on by the February Step by Step I did in The Wordpress goldmine Forum. Over 14 days I researched a niche and built a site and did some very simple promotion. I created the videos over 14 days but the actual time taken to research build and promote the site was under 3 hours.  Yes a whole 3 hours of my life. I did nothing fancy just … [Read more...]