Monday Tip – Fast Niche Research

niche research

I am doing a bit of grave digging today. I wrote this article almost exactly 3 years ago and the information still holds true but now it's even easier. People think that Ezine Articles is dead and there is no value in posting articles there,  they are wrong there is still life in the old beast yet. However what is equally important now is to look at what social media the niche leaders are using and how they are getting links and building a buzz. When you are doing fast niche research you need to target 3 areas,  Keywords, Traffic and Monetization What keywords are the niche … [Read more...]

Facebook Vs Google – Who’s The Daddy?

I was recently checking some stats and noticed that a lot of traffic that used to come from Google was now coming from Facebook. Over the past year it seems that facebook has gained a lot of momentum and is challenging Google as a prime source of traffic. If you haven't started to look at facebook as a means of driving traffic to your site you need to startt o look at that option now. I've recorded a short video to demonstrate exactly what I mean. I'd love your thoughts on the whole Google vs Facebook battle and what you think will happen in the future BTW if you don't have my Article … [Read more...]

The party is Over – Time To Work

But before I do there are some things I want to get off my chest that will hopefully click with a few people. 1. If it sounds to good to be true..then it most probably is. I got an email yesterday about a webinar where someone was going to show me how to make $300,000 a month for 30 minutes work per day. The copy was very pursasive but I know from experience that it's it's probably the finest grade bullXXXX. I saw an auction on Flippa last week, a 5 day old site making ... wait for it... $1500 a month (proof of income included) and page Rank 5. Now do you think that was possibly a … [Read more...]

Article Dominance – Get Your Free Report

Since I released my 2 article marketing reports last year I have had a number of people ask me if I intended to write a book about article marketing.  I finally got my act together and combined the two reports and some new material into a 47 page ebook. I am going to put the book up for sale next week but until then you can grab it for free from As you will know by know I like to look after my customers and the people who read my blog so as an additional bonus I'll be allowing people who get the book to sell it and get Instant 100% commissions. … [Read more...]

Are You An Article Marketer? Read This Now

Recently in the Wordpress Goldmine we've been looking at a tool which lets you know which pages are indexed, this works for your own sites and also articles you may have distributed. Having checked lots of EzineArticles author feeds i was surprised at the low level of indexing. Watch the video below and I am sure you'll also be surprised. You'll also learn which article directory had 100% indexing for the articles I checked. If you really want to find out which of your articles are indexed get Andy Blacks Index Checker Then submit the unindexed urls to You … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing – Is it Right For You

The birth of the Internet and the mass availability of personal Computers in the late 80's changed peoples life forever, Everyone now has had the potential to be their own boss whether you are mother at home looking after your children or a manual laborer there are opportunities in abundance . Just a search on Google for business opportunities will bring up more offers than your parents would have had in their whole life. So it must be easy to make a living from the internet right?  Wrong!  No it's not, you need a firm business plan and you need to work hard at it. Lets make it clear from … [Read more...]

Article Marketing In 2010

I was tempted to call this post "Article marketing Is dead long Live article marketing" But that would have just been plain ridiculous. Although reading some of the posts in some of the bigger forums you would be forgiven for thinking that Article marketing was on it's death bed. One post referred to some posts about Ezinearticles and said that it was obvious that people should no longer use EZA and what were the alternatives. I have never so much rubbish spoken by people who are supposed to know what they are talking about. So lets get this straight Article Marketing is alive and kicking … [Read more...]