Article Dominance – Get Your Free Report

Since I released my 2 article marketing reports last year I have had a number of people ask me if I intended to write a book about article marketing.  I finally got my act together and combined the two reports and some new material into a 47 page ebook. I am going to put the book up for sale next week but until then you can grab it for free from As you will know by know I like to look after my customers and the people who read my blog so as an additional bonus I'll be allowing people who get the book to sell it and get Instant 100% commissions. … [Read more...]

Article Leverage Report V2 – Important Update

If you've read my blog or sales letters before you will know that I am not prone to hype. I don't want this post to come across as hype but I strongly believe that this could be the most important blog post you read this year. I know you have probably heard that a thousand times but please bear with me. I'd like you to do the following, read this post, Download version 2 of the report from the link below, grab a coffee and read it. If you can see the potential then consider the offer at the end of the post, please don't make a rash decision to sign up I would much rather you considered … [Read more...]

Free Report – The $20,000 Blog Post

In mid december last year I wrote a report called the $6000 blog post in which I showed how to create an income by selling physical products. As the name suggests at that point I had made $6000 from a blog post and a couple of articles. As you can imagine, I was happy.  By the end of January that income had climed to almost $20,000. I was very happy! At the time of writing the initial report I thought that would be where things finished but I had such great feedback from the people who bought it that I expanded the idea and included all the ways I make money from Wordpress. This was released … [Read more...]