Internet Marketers – How much Is your Soul Worth?

Today I was going to write a post that follows up from last Mondays Post and talked about exactly how much my business has changed in the last year soley because of working on the part of my business that was profitable...but that can wait. I am angry, really angry, you know that anger when you want to smash a cup off the wall or scream really loudly, that's how angry I am and it's been buIlding up for the past 12 hours. So hopefully this post will help me calm down. I thought I'd seen it all in IM, unwritten products selling for $2000 then being rolled out over 10 weeks to give the … [Read more...]

Why I Love Bad Products

  I  love it ever few months when a obviously overhyped crap product comes out as it allows me to clean out the lists of who I receive emails from. I recently got a huge deluge of emails about the Clickbank code. So I checked it out. The problem was the further I dug the more obvious it became that the sales letter was the biggest lie since ....well since the last big lie. If I can spot that after less than 10 minutes research it means that the people promoting it..and there are lots either A) know it's a poor choice to promote it and don't care about their subscribers or B) Don't care … [Read more...]

Who Do You Follow -List Whores or Sharers?

Well I've got the the end of January before I felt the need to have the first rant of the year. I got an email from someone who is just starting out in internet marketing having been made redundant, she was persuaded by an email from a "guru" to pay almost $500 for a product that would show her how to create a long term income. Unfortunately this lady didn't even know what ftp was.  Now for once I don't hold the guru 100% responsible for the situation (shock!!) I am big on personal responsibility at the moment but this does show that you need to be aware that sometimes no matter how good a … [Read more...]