Facebook Marketing Is Maturing


Facebook Marketing is Maturing. I spend a lot of time using Facebook to generate traffic and leads. I also monitor as many Facebook products as possible to see what direction things are going. When I say monitoring thats a polite way to say I buy products..lots of products. (don't tell my wife but the total on FB products is approaching $500 this month with more to come!) Many of these products are rehashed and to be honest give no more information than anything myself and Pete have created. But this is all part of investing in my business so it's a necessary evil. Over the past … [Read more...]

Are Your Brave Enough To Read This?

green soul mirror

I am truly sorry if this post offends you, you'll probably either hate me or thank me at the end (if you get that far) To be honest if just 1 person thanks me then it's been worth the time and effort it took. If you are reading this I am assuming that you are interested in Internet Marketing. If that's the case then you fall into one of 2 categories you are a provider or you are a consumer. The mathematics of making consistent profits online are very simple and can be summed up in 4 words.. Provide more and Consume less. It really is as simple as that, start giving your … [Read more...]

It’s The Small Things That Will Kill Your Business

Road Sign

I crashed my helicopter last week, one minute everything was fine then next minute the rotor blade decided to make a break for freedom, The result was inevitable...carnage.   Before you get too concerned I should point out that luckily it was a remote controlled helicopter and no passers by were injured although the cat has taken to living in a cardboard box.   The terminal failure was cause by a very small screw working itself loose. I suspect that it was the cheapest part of the whole helicopter, yet it turned out it was one of the most important and something I’d never … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing – Earning Commission From Free Reports

Affiliate marketing lifetime cookies

For a long time I've wanted to reward affiliates for giving away free reports. The usual way of doing it is to set up separate reports with separate affiliate links and separate squeeze pages. Even after all that hard work the affiliate won't make any commission on future sales. However that has now changed. My ideal scenario is... The affiliate sends his subscribers or readers to my free report.  They then join my list and somewhere down the line after they have seen the value in what I teach and show them they buy a product.  The original affiliate then earns … [Read more...]

Is The Internet Marketing Niche Stagnating?


I thought for todays blog post i'd try to give you some food for though..Why is the IM niche still selling products at the same prices and in the same way as they have been doing for the past few years which other types of marketing are evolving? I was recently reading an article about how Nathan Barry and Sacha Grief sold $39,000 worth of eBooks (The article is actually an transcript of a podcast so you can load it onto your phone and listen if you wish) either way it's a really great listen/read. What struck me is the sales page Nathan used was the complete opposite of what we are used … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing – The New Wild West

Internet marketing the new wild west

Welcome to the Wild West. There was a time in America's history when the west opened up and thousands of family's who had a relatively good life on the east coast headed west to seek a new life. They went from a place where there was law and order, rules and regulation to a place where there was pretty much no law, and it was every man woman and child for themselves. It was sink or swim time… (That's enough of the mixed metaphors for today) The guys with the most guns generally won and also set the rules and regulations if they then decided that they didn't like them they just changed … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned Online – 5 Important Lessons

What i've learned online 5 lessoons

In last Mondays post I said that I wanted to do a mega post for my 50th birthday which is on Sunday July 1st and asked for suggestions, I had a couple of really good ones and I'll try to merge them together in this post. This post will hopefully give you some background about how I got to where I am am today and where I see myself and IM a few years down the line and what I've learned along the way… Grab a coffee sit back and enjoy! When I first started in the IM Business my aim was just to make an income from creating Adsense sites, I quickly realized that that is a pretty medium term … [Read more...]