Screw The Rules

Do you know about John Rimmerman? Probably not, he sells $30,000,000 worth of wine each year via email. Until recently his website consisted of just a simple squeeze page, he has no e-commerce site, no advertising and he doesn't follow the rules. He emails an offer daily and people are waiting for his emails to arrive to see what offer he has for them. The emails are long and quirky and usually take time to get around to the actual sales pitch. You'll hear about his life, his travels, wine making processes , succeses and failures. Not only that when you buy the wine you'll have … [Read more...]

The Myth Of Engagement

Time for a bit of clarification. I got asked the other day in one of my Fb groups " Mark, you mentioned in a pdf the other day about putting a clickable link in EVERY email we send. Do you mean start pitching offers to subscribers from the off, before any relationship has been built? Cheers." IMPORTANT NOTE: Right what follows here applies to what i'll call a main list or a general list… not to a list you build just to promote a specific niche products, you can still do that with 5-7 emails. Remember with niche products you are promoting a specific product that fills a specific … [Read more...]

The Hidden Cost of Solo Ads


Solo ads seem to be the flavor of the month for list builders which is strange because 9 times out of 10 they are a bad choice when it comes to building a list. Solo ads used to be a really good way to build a list until someone realised that you could make more money from your list if you sold solo ads ... Ohh OHH  see whats happening there? People are building lists with solo ads to sell solo ads. Solo ad cannibalism I like to call it.  The quality of the leads you get are quickly reducing as more and more people are getting onto solo ad sellers lists. Open rates of less than 1% are … [Read more...]

3 Clever Ways To Build a list

How to get Subscribers

If you've ever tried to build a list you will probably have noticed that tools like pop ups stop working after a while.  When They first appeared on the scene popups works really well but now they seem to be a bit of a liability especially if you are trying to rank your site and collect subscribers. The last time I tested popups i noticed that they reduced the time on site and increased the bounce rate. This doesn't surprise me as I usually just leave a site if I come across them. There are so many better ways of building a list of subscribers In the video you'll find 3 that I really … [Read more...]

Follow Up To – When Did you Start To Be Afraid

Business Graphs and Charts

I've had a great reaction to my last blog post and a lot of questions emailed to me which I'll work my way through this weekend but I wanted to give you some motivation before we head into the weekend.   I had 2 emails on separate topics this week from subscribers of mine who are both Ladies in their 80's (I am sure they won't mind me mentioning that). Just think of that for a minute. One of the biggest things that hold people back or at least that people tell me holds them back is technology. Yet these 2 silver surfers have put aside anything that may stop them and made the effort … [Read more...]

Why You Need To Build a List – List Building 101

listbuilding 101

If there's one thing that divides people more than anything else in internet marketing it's list building. As a marketer you either hate the thought of list building or you love it. As a consumer you either welcome being on lists or you do everything to avoid being on a list. Either way the root cause is the same... perception. People think that email lists are created for one reason and one reason only to sell products. With this slight generalization I am referring to 90% of marketers and probably nearer 100% of consumers. But that perception is wrong, an email list is a way … [Read more...]