Podcast Episode 4 Colette Mason Interview

Podcast interview

This weeks interview is with Personal Branding expert Colette Mason In this fascinating interview we discuss , why you should brand  yourself and how you actually go about it and much more. I really enjoyed this interview and learned a lot during the course of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! During the podcast we mentioned HARO which is "Help a Reporter Out " you can find them at http://helpareporter.com/ If you have any questions for Colette or comments leave them below or in the thread about the interview in the WPgoldmine Forum   Podcast Powered By … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 3


In this podcast I reveal a couple of really cool tips i picked up to help get you ranking on well on you tube.  I also look at some of this things i've been doing to shed some weight and get myself fit. But perhaps most importantly I talk about some of the process I use that help me get tasks completed on time even when i don't really fell like working. I round off the podcast by talking about comment spam and by outing the company that spammed me this week.   Your browser does not support the audio element. Podcast Powered By … [Read more...]

Why I am Changing My Business Model


Can you imagine going to one of your AdSense sites and seeing no ads appearing? Then going to another and seeing the same, and another , and another? How would you feel? Well this is what happened to me earlier this week. On over 100 sites Not 1 AdSense ad was appearing. How did I feel? Elated! Yes seriously and that feeling shocked me. I felt elated because the first thing that went through my mind was that I was finally free of having to update my sites, free of having to worry about what google was doing. That feeling shocked me as I had never thought about my beloved AdSense … [Read more...]

New Podcast Series


Firstly apologies for the recent gaps in blog posts I have been incredibly busy with planning a major project for this year, if this comes to fruition it will be the biggest single project online or offline I've ever completed. While i've been working I've been thinking of more ways of reaching out to my subscribers and readers. One of my major new years resolutions for 2012 is to do a lot more reaching out but to other marketers and anyone who may stumble upon this blog. I also want to increase my social media networking and exposure. To that end i've decided to do a new podcast series, … [Read more...]

Why Mindset Matters

I've just finished uploading a new podcast to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wordpress-goldmine This was recorded a couple of hours ago and it features Paul Forcey and myself talking about why Mindset is so important, we cover 5 basic points Belief Why do you want to be an Internet Marketer? Short term Goals Vs Long Term Goals Why Failure is Not BAD! Working at what you want to work at. You can listen online or download it , we also hope to have it in iTunes in a week or two. The next call will probably talk about setting up simple processes and how to work smarter and we … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing On The Front Line

Internet Marketing On The Front Line Internet marketing is easy. There I said it, the genie is out of the bottle. It's not complicated, you find a keyword, create some content and then drive traffic to that content where some people will buy from your site or click a link. What is complicated is all the layers and layers of complication marketers add to it so that you need to buy their products to decode it. It's not just internet marketers who do this , How do you lose weight?, it's obvious isn't it eat less and exercise more. Thats all there is to it so why is there thousands of lose … [Read more...]