Improve Your Ranking – How To Use Google’s Disavow Tool

seo resurrection

Right so we all know how google messed everything up when they changed their Algorithms for the umpteenth time and decided that getting backlinks was not a good idea afterall. Except that they decided that some backlinks were ok and other weren't So generally speaking we were all stuffed and had to rethink out strategies... except that if we are honest we don't know where most of our links are. Push button solutions probably weren't the best option after all. Google were then very magnanimous following a lot of calls from SEO companies they said  "Hey Guys, here is a tool where you … [Read more...]

Lets get back To Basics – Keep it Simple

Get back to basics

We humans are perverse creatures we all seem to have a tendency to take the easiest most simple things and then try to make them difficult. Creating a niche site isn't difficult, Seo isn't difficult , Keyword research isn't difficult so why do we all (myself included) make things so difficult that we sometimes struggle to get it right? What's difficult about creating a site? Install Wordpress with a few clicks of a button, add a simple theme , add some plugins that do things we need then add content.  Voila that's it... why the hell did I then spend 2 hours yesterday getting a header in … [Read more...]

The 3 Pillars Of SEO – Get Your Sites Ranking

3 pillars of social media

Times change and if you fail to change with them then you'll be left behind. When I first started all that you needed to get a site ranked well was a bit of link building and a few keywords in the header of your site. Those times are long gone as As we found out when we did the SEO Debunked case studies there is a lot more involved in getting your sites ranking high in google. There are 3 main aspects that you need to focus on. On Page SEO - Thats basically creating good quality content and making sure that you have good basic SEO, keywords H1 tags and a sensible keyword density (I … [Read more...]

Are We Wasting Time and Money Building backlinks?

Are you spending too much time back linking?   (Listen to the interview below …it might just change the way you think about Backlinks)   If you've been paying attention you'll have noticed thatIam running an SEO competition. As a resultIam working hard every day making sureIresearch as much about what is working in sep at the moment and what's not.   It's pointless just taking what people say about SEO for granted ,Ilearned a long time ago that the only way to get the truth about whats working is to do it yourself or look at case studies that people have … [Read more...]

3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

It seems that every time I go online these days some programming genius has developed a new plugin for wordpress. So I thought that it was time that Ii showed you 3 of my favorite ones of recent months. The first is a Wordpress backup plugin that uploads to your Amazon S3 account.  Amazon S3 is an online storage facility provides by amazon that will cost you cents to implement, it really is a great option for backups at a cost that won't break the bank. The plugin is called Automatic Wordpress Backup and is available  for free.  If you value your blogs then you really should be backing them … [Read more...]

Micro Niche Finder 4.6 – No Brainer Software

Micro Niche Finder Video looking at the new features. I've been recommending Micro Niche Finder to my members and subscribers for several years now. yesterday there was an update that makes it a complete and total no brainer. If you want to make money online micro Niche Finder will now make the job so much easier. In the video below it takes me less than 10 minutes to find a Niche i can rank at #1 for with very little work. The key things you need to make money quickly are: A niche with searches and very little competition. A keyword based domain name An indication of how much … [Read more...]

Back Linking – Over Hyped or a Necessity

The outsourcing experiment I am currently running originally started out as a test of how effective back linking is. After 6 weeks I am finally getting a grasp on some of the intricacies involved in back linking. First I suppose I had better let you know what my views on back linking were before I started.  I believed that all the talk about the power of back links was over rated and just something that SEO guys kept on promoting as they know normal people like us just can't be bothered to do on a regular basis. I can pretty much generate all the traffic I want by choosing the right … [Read more...]