Monday Tip – 3 Tips For Working Smarter

how to work smarter

About 18months ago I wrote a post about the 5 things that made Internet Marketing easier,  you'll see part of the original post below this post but I thought it might be time to do an update as a lot has changed over the past year and a half especially as one of the tips was to outsource all your backlinking..Doh! (not a good idea at the moment)  1. Outsource The Things You Don't Want To Do and the Things That Take Time. Fiverr can be an amazing time saver, In the past few weeks I have had people create headers and intros for videos for me, I could have spent time and done those myself … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned Online – 5 Important Lessons

What i've learned online 5 lessoons

In last Mondays post I said that I wanted to do a mega post for my 50th birthday which is on Sunday July 1st and asked for suggestions, I had a couple of really good ones and I'll try to merge them together in this post. This post will hopefully give you some background about how I got to where I am am today and where I see myself and IM a few years down the line and what I've learned along the way… Grab a coffee sit back and enjoy! When I first started in the IM Business my aim was just to make an income from creating Adsense sites, I quickly realized that that is a pretty medium term … [Read more...]

Christmas is Coming -Time to Make Money -10 Top Tips

Last year I made more money in November and December than I did in any other 6 month period prior to it.  It set me up for my successful year ever plus this year the same sites I set up last year are already starting to attract a healthy income even before I've done any promotion of them. The main one has already had a couple of $100 days and I've not touched it since last November. You are not too late to jump on the Christmas bandwagon. You'll hear of people who set up their Christmas sites in June not me a week before Thanksgiving is more than enough. The secret is to focus on 1 or two … [Read more...]